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I met Zenonia some time ago through the first title for the PSP. It's sad to see that little has changed in this third version. The first title was an action RPG reminiscent of the late 16-bit games. Zenonia 3 continues this tradition of beautifully crafted 2D graphics, with lively and beautiful scenery.

Take the opportunity and get to know Zenonia 5 for iPhone and Zenonia 5 for Android.

Enjoy and search for other iPhone games.

Zenonia 3 ‚Äď Cute, but very weak

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April 1th 2022

Unfortunately the developers have filled the game with dialogue that tries to give some depth to the plot. It's inevitable that after a while of playing, you'll skip all these scenes. And the sad thing is that the game has potential. There are 4 classes to choose from, two melee classes and two ranged classes.

For some reason the combat in this version is worse than in the previous ones. You need to be aligned with the enemy so that your combo hits all the blows. The problem is that the controls are very sensitive making you have to keep pressing the action button madly in an attempt to hit something. The fact that the game's resolution made the characters and monsters very small only makes this problem worse.

Zenonia 3 ‚Äď Four classes, but it could be just one

The songs are mostly recycled from previous games and the new game mechanics (like the fairy and equipment refinement) are poorly explained in the game.
For the cheap price, the download even pays to spend time, but if you don't mind spending a little more, there are better options on iTunes like (Dungeon Hunter 2, for example).

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