Zelda fan makes Twilight Princess run on Xbox Series X

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Legend of Zelda fan Simm discovers a creative way to make Nintendo Twilight Princess run on his Xbox Series X console.

Nintendo's cross-generation The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess  is now playable on Xbox Series X. Originally released in 2006 for Nintendo's then-to-be-retired GameCube as well as the original Wii, Link's foray into the realm of Twilight, like all of its predecessors (and successors), is a exclusive developed in-house, so most fans probably didn't expect to see it on an Xbox console.

It's worth noting that the two platform owners have been getting along pretty well lately, but while Microsoft is known for releasing original software on the Switch, Big N has yet to respond in kind. It's without the latter's blessing that Twilight Princess turned the Xbox on in a fully playable fashion, then, with the process being carried out rather than a specific app.

As introduced by Twitter user Simm, RetroArch, emulation software that allows the user to mimic the hardware and user interface of a “foreign” machine, can be purchased and installed on the Xbox Series X by direct download from the Xbox Store, allowing the console will run and run files not officially supported, i.e. libretto cores. A well-known example of this is the XMB, a clone of Sony's interface used for PlayStation 3 and Vita and is somewhat similar to what Simm used to make The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess compatible with non-native hardware.

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While it's certainly a new method to experience Link's struggle to triumph over Ganondorf's never-ending plans to conquer Hyrule, the inconsistency of Simm's gamepad entries is noticeable, to say the least. The reasons for this disconnect, they reveal, is due to inputs that require manual mapping and are not native, meaning that to make game control as expected, RetroArch users will have to individually assign camera/character movement and interaction buttons. Simm also notes that this is just one of the available avenues for getting unofficial software to run on Xbox Series X, though he refuses to offer any others.

As for legality issues, RetroArch is publicly available for purchase (approximately $20) and installation on Xbox, making it an officially supported product. What users decide to do with this is where things get lost in a gray area. Nintendo has historically been incredibly protective of its intellectual property, with anyone misusing it often being harshly repressed, whether with cease and desist orders or other legal action.

In this case, anyone known for playing The Legend of Zelda on Xbox Series X is unlikely to face any backlash, though it's not at all surprising in light of this news that Microsoft is asked to re-evaluate the availability of RetroArch on its platform. Until Nintendo announces a version or remake of Twilight Princess, similar to the one recently announced for 2011's first chronological entry Skyward Sword, this will remain the most convenient option for reviving a classic without having to blow the dust off a console. extinct.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess released in 2006 for Nintendo GameCube and Wii.

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