You can and should play Titanfall 2 for free right now

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One of the best first-person shooter games of all time is free to play for the next few days.

These days, most gamers know Respawn Entertainment for their immensely popular Apex Legends, but we shouldn't forget about the studio's underrated masterpiece, Titanfall 2. Experiencing a surge in popularity following a recent association with Apex Legends, the game is completely free to play for the next few days or so on Steam. Don't miss your chance to experience one of the best shooters of all time.

Temporarily free to play and returning to its regular price at May 3 at 10 am / 13 pm  Titanfall 2 features several different competitive multiplayer modes, as well as a near-perfect single-player campaign. It's also included in EA Play, so if you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can also play at no extra cost.

The quality of the campaign mode was a bit surprising given that its predecessor didn't really have a campaign and instead played out story moments in multiplayer matches. But Titanfall 2's mix of heartfelt friendship moments, excellent action sets, and tremendous level design helped to really elevate it. It also features one of the best time travel mechanics in games, giving the platforms a unique twist.

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We heard people want to play Titanfall 2 this weekend? So do we!

Join us on Steam when we make TF2 temporarily free-to-play starting RIGHT NOW through May 3rd @ 10am PT.

Get it here:

Your journey begins here, Pilots.

— Respawn (@Respawn) April 30, 2021

In addition to providing plenty of action over several hours, the campaign also prepares you for what's to come in multiplayer. Titanfall 2 refines the first game's formula with smooth shooting controls, wall racing, and high-flying maneuvers while playing as a normal pilot. 

When you enter the Titan of your choice, you have access to a ton of different options for customization and can stop bullets or fire barrages of missiles while stomping enemies around your feet. It's hard to balance an experience like this, but Respawn nailed it, as you don't feel invincible like a Titan and you don't feel helpless like a Pilot.

Titanfall 2's critical acclaim at launch didn't lead to super high sales figures, as the game was released during a very busy period that included EA's own Battlefield 1. However, the game's growing popularity recently could make Respawn consider making another one, and according to EA, that decision is up to the studio itself.

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