Yoru Valorant: Everything You Need to Know

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Valorant is a character-based tactical FPS game where two teams of five players compete against each other to eliminate each other and be crowned victorious. One of the characters known as agents that players can use is Yoru. In this article we have everything we know about Yoru.

Valorant Yoru

According to Riot Games' official description of this agent, “Yoru opens rifts in reality to infiltrate enemy lines without being seen. He uses both cunning and aggressive tactics, and targets are shot down without knowing where the attack came from.”

Riot Games revealed that this character is from Japan.

Source: Screenshot via Riot Games

Players who choose to play as Yoru will have four different abilities that they can use to help themselves or their teammates and get every advantage they can in a match. You can find the skills and their official descriptions below:

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  • Blindside – Yoru rips an unstable dimensional fragment from reality. He fires to launch the shard, activating a flash that dissipates when hitting a solid surface.
  • Gatecrash – Yoru prepares a dimensional flow. Shoot to launch an end. Use SEC MODE. to position the other. Activate to teleport to the thrown end.
  • Fakeout – Yoru equips an echo grenade that mimics footsteps when activated. Shoot to activate it and propagate its effect. Use SEC MODE. to position it. Use the idle grenade to propagate the sound of another.
  • Ultimate: Dimensional Drift – Yoru equips a mask to peer between dimensions. Shoot to enter Yoru's dimension, where you can't be affected or seen by enemies outside.
Source: Official Valorant Facebook page – Spain

Valorant's official Twitter account released a gameplay video showing Yoru utilizing his various abilities in a match where viewers can see just how useful this character can be when he uses his full potential. You can find this Yoru gameplay video below:

If you can’t see him, it’s because you have no vision. Take the enemy by surprise as Yoru, the newest Agent in VALORANT. pic.twitter.com/ej7KSi81U7

- VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) January 11, 2021

Do you want to know more about Valorant, in addition to all the currently known information about Yoru? In that case, check out our dedicated page with the latest news for the high-profile game.

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