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    Yes, the PS1 boot logo was actually in 3D the whole time

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    It turns out that the original PlayStation's iconic boot screen logo was actually a 3D model, as some hackers are keen to show us.

    The PS1's boot screen is one of the most iconic images of the fifth generation of video game consoles, but it's been hiding a secret all along. Despite its static appearance that led many to believe it was just a 2D model manipulated to look 3D, the PS1 logo is actually a 3D model, with the P and S existing as two separate parts (via Kotaku).

    Twitter user Scuttlepunk first revealed this interesting fact to us with an image that shows the boot logo from an alternate angle. Programmer Lilith then posted a video of the logo moving in real-time to show it a little further.

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    the ps1 bios logo actually being a 3D model means you can view it at some really cursed forbidden angles

    — Em (@Scuttlepunk) June 30, 2021


    — 🪄💫 📁🏳️‍⚧️ BLM ACAB (@b0tster) June 30, 2021

    Video game startup screens are known to be objects of nostalgia for many fans. When the PS5 and Xbox Series X first launched in 2020, many fans wondered what their startup screens would look like compared to their predecessors. 

    The Xbox Series X recently added the original Xbox animated background as a launch option. To learn more about this phenomenon, check out our list of the best console boot sequences. That list is sadly incorrect, because it doesn't include the PS2, which is clearly the best.

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