Xbox Series X controllers with swapped backplates could be even better than the originals

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A subtle but welcome change!

While we wait for more controller variants to arrive Xbox Series X , gamers are discovering the joy of remixing their own unique color combinations.

The user Reddit rodor14 shared some photos of their work: a twin pair of controllers now linked together forever by swapped backplates (well, “forever” until rodor14 decides they want to try another color combination). 

The black controller is usually all black and the neon green controller usually comes with a white backplate; with the two swapped, the neon green controller gets an extra intense vibe that says “sportswear”, while the black controller with a white backplate instantly has strong tuxedo energy. 

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A controller for working out, a controller for attending fancy parties, it's perfect.

The swap is done from XboxSeriesX

The extra advantage of this swap is that you don't have to fully disassemble the controller for this to happen, as the individual boards can be removed. 

That said, modifying your own hardware will likely mean breaking the manufacturer's warranty, and you should only work on a do-it-yourself project that you feel comfortable doing, and that you feel comfortable breaking out in case you mess something up.

In the meantime, if you want to imagine your own color combinations but don't want to carry a screwdriver and meddling tool for your own controllers, Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox Design Lab will return with updates later this year.

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