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    Xbox Series X and S: The original background is now a free dynamic theme

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    Longtime fans of Xbox can now relive the old days by applying the original Xbox background to the Xbox Series X ou S.

    Dynamic Background was added as part of the May 2021 System Update for Xbox One.

    Although the patch notes on the official blog of Xbox Wire just indicate that another dynamic background called Motes has been added, the Twitter user Goggles discovered that the old school background is also there, under the name of The Original.

    Your Xbox Series X|S is about to become … The original Xbox! 😍

    — Klobrille (@klobrille) May 11, 2021
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    To get the new background, players must ensure their Xbox is up to date with the latest system software, then go to Settings > General > Personalization > My Background > Background dynamic, where you will find The Original at the end of the list.

    The backdrop was first seen last week on Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb's Xbox Podcast , where it could be seen on your TV. This led to fans asking how he got the theme and if he was coming.

    The original Xbox was released in May 2001, which means this year is its 20th anniversary. It is still unclear whether the Microsoft is planning more surprises to commemorate the occasion.

    Source: Xbox

    Last year, the original Xbox console source code leaked online. He included the kernel for the operating system in the original console, a custom version of Windows 2000.

    However, it is claimed that this data has been privately shared among enthusiasts before, which suggests that it is unlikely to have significant implications for the home brew scenario.

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