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    Xbox Games With Gold October 2021: Predictions, Leaks and Rumors

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    Here are our guesses on what the October 2021 Xbox Games With Gold could be

    The October 2021 games will launch in late September, with four new games for subscribers to access throughout the month of October. Available for free, two games will be taken from the Xbox One era with two more available through Xbox 360 backwards compatibility.

    All these games, of course, can be played on the Xbox Series X | S.. While the service isn't known for its excellent game selection, occasionally Microsoft puts some exciting games on Games With Gold. Most of Microsoft's big moves come from the Game Pass , with additions that help to reinforce the line of this service.

    Right here, we'll make our predictions for Xbox Games With Gold October 2021 and we'll talk about any rumors or leaks that have surfaced for this month's lineup of titles.


    October 2021 Xbox Games With Gold games will be announced in the last week of September, so stay tuned until then.


    The October 2021 schedule for Games With Gold has yet to be announced, but you can see our predictions for what might appear below:


    We think ReCore would be a good fit when it comes to headline this month's Games With Gold lineup. the exclusive console Xbox received a mixed reception on release, but it has its fans, thanks to Keji Inafune being behind the project.

    Although not an exclusive Xbox One standout, it's a great choice if you want to dive into what Microsoft has offered next-gen when it comes to exclusive games.

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    Now in remastered form, the original Darksiders has already been given away with Games With Gold. But, this remaster brings the action RPG up to modern standards with enhanced visuals allowing you to experience the series' origins.


    After the announcement of the restart of the Saints Row na Gamescom and the less positive reaction from fans, giving away the original Saints Row for free seems like a smart move.

    Acting as a way to introduce fans to the latest entries in the series where it all began, Saints Row it will be a good way to return to the series' roots ahead of the release of the realistic reboot in February.

    AQUA (XBOX 360)

    Aqua is a naval shooter from the Xbox 360 era. Set from a top-down perspective, you command a ship in the midst of a raging war, participating in real-time operations across large maps. The game also has a nifty co-op mode that can be played locally.


    You can currently choose from the following games as an Xbox Live Gold member:

    • Warhammer: Chaosbane (Xbox One) – September 1 to September 30
    • Mulaka (Xbox One) – September 16 to October 15
    • Enders HD Collection Zone (Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility) – September 1 to September 15
    • Samurai Shodown II (Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility) – September 16-30

    All of these games will be available throughout the month of September and you can read more here about Games With Gold September 2021 games.

    This covers everything you need to know about the October 2021 Xbox Games With Gold lineup. If you're looking for other games to play on your Xbox Series X | S, why not take a look at our best games Xbox Series X lany.

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