Xbox Game Pass is losing 4 more games at the end of January 2022

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Microsoft confirms four games will leave its Xbox Game Pass subscription service at the end of January 2022.

Microsoft is doing everything it can to bolster its line Xbox Game Pass and attract new subscribers. A big part of Microsoft's strategy has been securing new games for Xbox Game Pass through big company acquisitions, like the way Microsoft is acquiring Activision. 

If this acquisition is completed, it will no doubt result in an influx of Activision titles into the Xbox Game Pass and will likely see future Activision games hit the service on day one.

There's no denying that Microsoft does a great job of regularly adding new games to Xbox Game Pass. In fact, it confirmed nine new Xbox Game Pass games for January 2022, including some high-profile day one releases like Rainbow six extraction . 

But while Xbox Game Pass regularly adds games, it also removes games from the lineup, with one set of titles launching at the beginning of the month and another set being removed at the end of the month.

January 2022 is no exception to this rule. Several games have already left the Xbox Game Pass in January 2022, and now four more are due out on Monday, January 31st. available through Game Pass, so anyone looking to add these titles to their collection for a little cheaper than usual should act soon.

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Xbox Game Pass games coming out January 31

  • Cyber ​​Shadow (cloud/console/PC)
  • Prophet from Nowhere (cloud/console/PC)
  • Prison Architect (PC)
  • Xeno Crisis (cloud/console/PC)

After January 31, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will lose access to Cyber ​​Shadow, Nowhere Prophet, Prison Architect, and Xeno Crisis. Neither game is particularly long, so any Xbox Game Pass subscriber who wants to skip through them while still available to play on the service should have plenty of time to do so.

Of the four Xbox Game Pass games coming out on January 31, the most notable might be Cyber ​​Shadow. Cyber ​​Shadow is a retro-style throwback game in the vein of the NES-era Ninja Gaiden games, but with some modern conveniences and improvements to bring it up to today's standards. 

Cyber ​​Shadow's reviews were mostly positive at the time of its release last year, so it's definitely worth checking out for fans of 2D action games.

While Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be sad to see these games, the bright side is that there are plenty of new games to look forward to in January. Day one titles like Rainbow Six Extraction, Windjammers 2, and Hitman Trilogy are coming to Game Pass soon, and so fans should have no shortage of games to play, even with some titles coming out.

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