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Since its launch, the Xbox 360 controller has been considered innovative, moving away from the traditional standards of the gaming industry. By bringing a new format and layout of the buttons, it led players to develop new techniques for more efficient use.

The ergonomics of the controller, which seeks to provide more comfort for long periods of play, adapts well to different hand sizes.

There are many other models based on the Xbox 360, so it is extremely important to note if the controller is original and which are the best alternative model manufacturers. Find out how to do this below.

Where to buy original Xbox 360 controller?

There are several options of physical stores and e-commerces to purchase the Xbox 360 controller, for this reason, it is recommended to look for the product in renowned stores, ensuring greater security.

Marketplace-type sites require greater caution, as some of their resellers are often not properly qualified and may sell replicas that are visually very well-made.

The Microsoft website has a list of authorized resellers and even offers the product for direct purchase.

It's important to prioritize solid websites and stores, so you can reduce the risk of buying fake controls. Also, always be wary of excessively low prices.

How to know if the Xbox 360 controller is genuine?

If the Xbox 360 controller model to be purchased is national, you should always look for the Anatel seal, internally or externally.

Another aspect to note on PC models is whether pairing with Windows (version 7 onwards) will be automatic or whether third-party drivers will need to be installed.

Identify the Microsoft logo holographic seal on the product box. Many counterfeit models carry a seal with the symbol of the Xbox itself.

Finally, to ensure product legitimacy, always try to purchase from Microsoft authorized resellers.

What is the best controller brand for Xbox 360 parallel?

There are several alternative models of controls for the Xbox 360, which are not fakes, but manufactured by other companies, many of them quite popular in the market.

One of the most recommended models, prioritizing cost-effectiveness, is the Inova brand. Another company highly rated by users is YAEYE.

For those who are focused on performance and quality, the most suitable model is the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition. Naturally, this is a model that requires greater investment, but if the search is for the best product, this is the most preferred option. 

However, the parallel versions are unlikely to be superior to those manufactured by Microsoft itself, and these are interesting alternatives for those seeking, mainly, economy.

How much does a used Xbox 360 controller cost?

Another possibility for those looking to save money when buying an Xbox 360 controller is the purchase of a used product.

Buying a used product requires extreme caution, as it is difficult to gauge the real condition of the item. Therefore, always look for sellers with good qualifications in the marketplaces.

Prices vary a lot, but, on average, for the original Microsoft model, you can find controls in the range of R$130 to R$170.

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In any case, it is always important to assess whether this purchase will be worth it, as variables such as the state and time of use of the control can influence its durability.

What is the best controller to play on PC?

As a rule, the controls for Xbox 360 are directly compatible with computers with Windows operating system, including, from version 7, the pairing is automatic.

The vast majority of professional gamers use the Xbox controller to play games on computers. In addition to excellent compatibility, it is a comfortable control and good durability.

Therefore, analyzing various evaluations and rankings, the following three most used models for computer games stand out:

  • Microsoft Xbox 360/Series S Controller,
  • Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition,
  • Microsoft Xbox One Controller.

It is important to point out that all the models above are based on the Xbox controller, with the same ergonomic layout.

Is it possible to play with controller on the computer?

All models of Xbox 360 controllers, wired or wireless, manufactured by Microsoft are compatible with computers.

Wireless models require the computer to have a Bluetooth receiver or use a receiver sold by Microsoft. The wired versions are automatically paired via USB input.

As for models from other manufacturers, they are generally compatible. However, the peculiarities of each product must be observed.

Which is the best PC controller: Xbox or PS4?

This is a very personal issue. But, taking into account the models adopted by most professional gamers, it is observed that the Xbox version has an advantage.

Being a product manufactured by Microsoft, which also provides Windows, the dominant operating system in computers, it has a natural compatibility with the systems.

The PS4 controllers are also compatible with computers, so there are no impediments to their use, if this is the player's preferred model.

However, it should be noted that the layout and format of the Xbox controller revolutionized the market, being a product that provided better performance and comfort during matches.

Which Xbox controller works on the computer?

If the intention is to play on the computer, it may be interesting to acquire controls manufactured by Microsoft itself. Wireless models are Windows compatible and worked without any issues.

The wireless versions must come with a receiver or the computer must have bluetooth, in this second case compatibility is not 100% guaranteed.

Other manufacturers also produce computer-compatible controllers, two of which are Logitech and Razer. However, it is always good to note if the model is not exclusively console compatible.

There are several models and the possibility of using controls for Xbox, either on the console or on the computer. Therefore, among so many options, it is important to look for a product that has quality and durability.

Be wary of models that are too cheap, that can be replicas or that, in a short time, can let you down.

Give preference to models from Microsoft itself or from renowned brands, enjoy your gaming with the best Xbox 360 controller and don't forget to share this content with your gamer friends.

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