WoW PvP: Keyboard and Move Shortcuts, the Difference Between Good Players and Great Players

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To master the PvP aspect of World of Warcraft, we have provided a guide to keyboard shortcuts. We'll talk about the best way to choose your shortcuts for moving or assigning skills.

World of Warcraft in its PvP mode, qualified or not, global or instantiated. For this, we present this guide that will allow you to optimize the way you choose the keyboard shortcuts for your skills, but also those for your movements and we will explain in detail our way of assigning shortcuts to give you an overview of standardize.


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  • Basic concepts
  • Movement
  • key combination

Notice about this article

We will only cover keyboard shortcuts in this article. Some passages, especially the end, may seem too abstract and difficult to put into practice. Persevere, experiment and ask for advice, whether in comments, from your friends or from players with more experience than you. Your will will be your best friend.

Finally, if you play with the mouse and want to get started with the keyboard, do so right away. It will be extremely difficult and will keep you from playing easily for probably one, two or even three weeks, but it will be significantly faster than learning shortcut by shortcut.

Part 1: Basics and movement


First, I would like to remind you that this guide is not intended to provide a standard set of the best shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are very personal and what might seem very obvious and optimized for someone else might not work for you and vice versa. The best shortcuts are the ones you think are right for your playstyle, but there are a few basics you should know.

Basic concepts

Let's start by removing the default shortcuts that are not useful for us:

Go to Menu , select Shortcuts and finally, Movement .

  • S : by default is assigned to backward . You should NEVER back up, EVER as this will make you 50% slower than moving the camera angle and running in the other direction. This is called Backped, it is prohibited and very frowned upon as it is useless and even disabling. Delete this shortcut and do not edit it again.
  • Q, D, A e E : By default they are assigned to Tack à right , Turn left , dodge right e dodge left . We'll use Q and D for our moves that we'll assign later, but A and E are useless. Delete them for now.
  • All keys shown in green in the screenshot below and already mapped to another default shortcut should be removed. Some of them are given relatively large shortcuts, but they will be very useful later on. You can replace the shortcuts that you think are important with one of the keys indicated in red in the diagram.
  • green keys – recommended shortcuts for all skills,
  • yellow keys : recommended move shortcuts,
  • red keys : all keys that we won't assign to any useful shortcuts.


In addition to its many specifics, PvP also has its very particular way of moving. By default, players play with the Z, Q, S, D and Space shortcuts:

  • Z: Go ahead
  • Q: Turn left
  • S: Stay away (forbidden, remember!)
  • D: Turns to direita
  • Space: Jump

In PvP, players don't use the Backspace key, S, and use a new type of shortcut to change direction: dodge. Dodging is a sideways move. The character moves in a straight line to the right or left. PvP player movement shortcuts are as follows:

  • Z: Go ahead
  • Q: Left Dodge
  • D: dodge right
  • Space: Jump

The mouse: its usefulness

In PvP, the mouse is no longer used to cast spells, but to select targets and especially to change the camera angle. You probably know this, but these are the various functions assigned by default to your mouse in World of Warcraft :

  • holding down the left button while moving it, the camera rotates in lathe your character and he remains motionless,
  • Manter right mouse button pressed while moving, traveling your character about yourself,
  • Keep the two clicks pressed will make your character to run. Moving the mouse while holding down these two clicks combines double-click and right-click functionality – your character moves and moving the mouse makes it spin in one direction or the other.

In our movement archetype, the mouse plays the role of camera. Thus, we simultaneously use the shortcuts Z, Q and D to move in the direction of our choice, and pressing the right mouse button allows us to rotate our character at the speed of light on itself. Likewise, it is now possible to move in a straight line in one of three directions and press the left button while rotating the mouse with to maintain our trajectory while looking around us.

If all goes according to plan, at this point in the guide you will have a brief idea of ​​how to move in PvP. If you can't do it, that's fine, persevere. Now, let's move on to the step you've probably been waiting for all along: assigning shortcuts to spells.

Part 2: key combination

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First of all, here's the previous diagram to refresh your memory a bit and keep you from turning the page every time I give an explanation.

  • green keys – recommended shortcuts for all skills,
  • yellow keys : recommended move shortcuts,
  • red keys : all keys that we won't assign to any useful shortcuts.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, keybinding is a very personal practice. To give you an idea, here is a screenshot.

First line

  • The bottom row uses the A, E, R, F, C, T, G, V, S, X, B, and W shortcuts. These are shortcuts where offensive or mobility techniques are placed.
  • The A, E, R and F keys are attributed to my main offensive techniques because they are easily accessible even when on the move (i.e. with fingers in Z, Q and/or D).
  • The C key is usually reserved for a performance technique, here Execute.
  • The T and W keys correspond to offensive BS, like Bladestorm or Colossal Smash, which you use more rarely than basic techniques.
  • The G key always corresponds to a deceleration technique, here the section ,
  • The V and S keys correspond to mobility, charge and heroic jumping techniques, for example,
  • The X key always corresponds to the trinket.
  • The B key corresponds to a technique that you would rarely use, here the Slam , but it could be the Whirlwind, for example.

Second line

In this line, they are the same shortcuts as in the line below with Shift. That is, you must press Shift and the required key at the same time. This is a row where you would put everything you need, but to a lesser extent: long-cooling crowd controls, party buffs, explosive potions, etc.

Last row

This is my CD line. I put all my CDs, short or short, offensive or not, as well as my rarely useful mounts and techniques like Heroic Throw. This line is linked like this:

  • Shift + Space corresponds to the technique you use less often.
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 correspond to CDs. They remain easily accessible without replacing more accessible shortcuts.
  • Shift + 1 and 2 correspond to useless things.
  • Shift + 3 and 4 for mounts: one solo, the other flying.

right small bar

These are crowd controls that you assign multiple identical shortcuts to to send them out as spam and they sure work. This block is only to be used in arenas, the rest of the time it's just used for decoration actually.

Small bar on the left

This is where you put all or most of the unnecessary techniques and materials. Useless but useful to be a click away anyway.

As you can probably see, these shortcuts may not make sense to you and are a disaster. There is only one logic to follow: yours. 

Put your main spells on shortcuts near your movement keys so you don't have to strain, and the rest should revolve around this skill set: the most useful should be the most accessible, the least useful being in farther tones, but still within reach anyway. 

Feel free to use shortcut combinations (Alt + B, Ctrl + S, Shift + A for example), the Alt, Ctrl and Shift keys allow an incredible number of combinations.

Remember one thing: no technique is useless. A technique can seem unnecessary and at the same time save your life at a crucial moment, except that if you give it an unattainable shortcut, it will cost you the victory.

Sooner or later you will find your custom binding, I assure you.

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment
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