Wolfstride brings Brazilian mecha tournament in demo on Steam

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The Brazilian studio OTA IMON has released the demo of Wolfstride on Steam, its newest RPG with giant robot battles. Inspired by several animes of the genre, the development team will make you experience two great confrontations, where you must avoid denting the bodywork at all costs while transforming your opponent into the purest scrap metal. 

Despite having its own style, the combats are very reminiscent of what we've seen in the past in the Medabots franchise. Each robot is separated into parts in battle, in which you can hit arms, head and chest and these parts have their own HP. It may seem like it takes longer, but this adds an excellent layer of strategy, it's well worth trying out and seeing for yourself. 

Wolfstride's story is quite flashy, with you at the helm of a team of ex-criminals that inherited the legendary mecha COWBOY. With not many options left, why not enter the Giant Robot Battle for the grand prize? However, that idea will be left behind when they see that the tournament will also decide the fate of the world. 

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April 1th 2022

Similar to what we've already mentioned from Medabots and even Armored Core, you'll have to exchange COWBOY parts to acquire perks as you progress. The more you know your and your opponent's weaknesses, the easier it will be to adapt. And how do you buy these parts? Working odd jobs around town, of course. You will be able to explore the place and work to obtain the necessary money to update the mecha in the best way. 

If you thought Wolfstride was oddly styled in black-and-white, it was the brainchild of OTA developer brothers IMON, who are colorblind. We have to agree, that it made everything more stylish and even with a design similar to the manga, it was very cool. The game is planned to come to PCs.

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