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    Wild Rift Aurelion Sol: Melhor Build, iten, runas

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    in this guide League of Legends: Wild Rift Aurelion Sol, you'll find everything you need to know about the champion, from his abilities and how to allocate them to his build, skill combination, and runes. Here's what you'll find in the Aurelion Sol guide below:

    • Aurelion Sol's Abilities
    • skill combos
    • Order of skill level increase
    • Summoner Spells
    • Runes
    • Items

    Aurelion Sol, or Star Forger, is a powerful champion with a playstyle unlike any other champion we've seen. He is a powerful Mage with the ability to bend stars, fly across terrain and shoot enemies with comets and other celestial objects (practically).

    While he's not easy to play, he's extremely rewarding once you've mastered him, not just in terms of transport potential, but also because he's super fun!

    Em Wild rift, Aurelion Sol is not a champion for beginners, so I strongly recommend that you learn the basic mechanics of the game and how to farm properly before putting him in your ranked games. 

    Unlike the other champions currently available in Wild Rift, Aurelion Sol doesn't even need to auto-attack a minion to kill him. Your passive skill will do that for you, the only thing you have to worry about at all times is your positioning.


    Center of the Universe (Passive)

    Stars orbit Aurelion Sol, dealing magic damage when they hit an enemy.

    Star Surge (Skill 1)

    Aurelion Sol creates an expanding disk, which explodes to stun and damage enemies when moving away from it.

    Celestial Expansion (Skill 2)

    Aurelion Sol pushes your stars further, increasing their damage and speed.

    Legend's Comet (skill 3)

    Aurelion Sol takes off flying for a long distance.

    Voice of Light (Skill 4 / Ultimate)

    Aurelion Sol projects a burst of pure stellar fire, dealing damage and slowing all enemies caught in it and knocking nearby enemies to a safer distance.

    How to combine like Aurelion Sol

    While Aurelion Sol has some pretty basic mechanics, they are the bread and butter of his kit. They're simple but extremely effective, which bodes well given the (rather) complicated mechanics it features by default.

    Skill 1 -> Skill 2

    This combo depends on you hitting your opponent with your skill 1. Once he is stunned, you can cast skill 2 to deal some damage.

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    Skill 1 -> Skill 4 (final) or Skill 4 (final) -> Skill 1

    This entirely depends on the situation, but it's fairly easy to do once you get a stun. It's a pretty explosive combo, so it's especially good during team fights (you can show it from behind a wall and take enemies by surprise Skill 3 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 4 ).

    Skill 2 -> Flash

    This one is a bit tricky because it depends on you doing a lot of damage with your orbs, and engaging your opponent as soon as one of the orbs quickly hits the second (and probably third) orbs. You can also follow up with auto attacks.

    Skill 3 -> Skill 1

    This is a typical combo that will help you go through walls, make it easier to get to lane, and will do wonders when you're ganking in other lanes (especially if you start throwing it from a place they'd least expect you to detonate outside of) .

    Flash (behind opponent) -> Skill 4 (final) -> Skill 1 -> Skill 2

    This combo will push the opponent back to your team, but it is quite difficult to accomplish. Also, you should be prepared to use your Stasis because you are likely to dive into the enemy team.

    In what order to level up skills?

    In Aurelion Sol, you want to max out your skill 2 first, then skill 1, and finally your skill 3.

    • Level 1: skill 2
    • Level 2: skill 3
    • Level 3: skill 1 
    • Level 4: skill 2
    • Level 5: skill 4
    • Level 6: skill 2
    • Level 7: skill 2

    Keep leveling Skill 2 until it's maxed out, then focus on Skill 1 and lastly Skill 3. Of course, whenever you can, you want to add 1 point to your (final) Skill 4.

    The best summoner spells

    Ignite : Ignites target enemy champion, dealing 60-410 true damage (based on level) over 5 seconds and inflicting them with severe wounds. (Grievous Wounds reduces healing effects by 50%).

    Flash : Teleport a short distance forward or in the desired direction. 



    For Aurelion Sol, you can choose one of two paths – magic + tanky damage or full damage. He scales very well in the late game, so Rod of Ages is an ideal item for him. However, if you want a more explosive build, you can go to Awakened Soulstealer e Infinity Orb em vez de Liandry’s Torment e Rylai’s Crystal Scepter . 

    Football boots

    Ionian Stasis is one of the best choices for Aurelion Sol as he is very still while casting and during late game team fights. 

    Ionian Shadows is a good alternative, which can slow down enemies and make their abilities easier to use.

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