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    Why level 72 in Borderlands 3 is so important

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    The latest Borderlands 3 patch allows players to level their Vault Hunters up to 72, and this number is significant for series veterans.

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    Borderlands 3 received what could be its final big update, as Gearbox will likely be turning its attention to Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. In this new Borderlands 3 patch, some cool features have been added, with cross-play being one of the biggest. Players can also replay seasonal events, allowing them to hunt for unique loot or fight special enemies whenever they want. The update raises the level cap as well, and the number should be familiar to longtime Borderlands fans.

    Borderlands 3 now allows players to level up their Vault Hunters to 72, which is exactly the same level cap as in the second Borderlands game. The two games that share this level cap are apt, as Borderlands 3 takes its characters to the same power level as games like Zer0 and Salvador. However, if players read this number, it will become clear that it means much more than the other level increases. In fact, Borderlands 3 fans might see this as a fitting send-off to the 2019 game.

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