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    Why is the Samsung and Microsoft partnership important?

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    When Phil Spencer said he wanted to expand Xbox's reach to as many people as possible, he knew it would require relationships with others to achieve that. 

    Sometimes these partnerships include technology companies that may not even be involved in the gaming sphere but still offer key components to gaming. For Microsoft, that would be none other than Samsung, the South Korean electronics maker. This is also not the first time these two juggernauts have teamed up.

    Samsung held a lecture called Samsung Unpacked on February 11, 2020 where it showcased many of its upcoming products, most notably the phone line. During the keynote, they showed that various devices, including the new flagship phone, the Galaxy s20. 

    What they also detailed is that one of the Xbox games would be coming to Google Play and Galaxy Store in Forza Street . this title Force was released as a free-to-play title for Windows 10 PC and has had a decent following since launch. While this doesn't initially seem like a big deal, it's the beginning of something Xbox wanted to achieve: reach.

    Why is this partnership important?

    The great thing about the partnership is that it is not a one-sided affair. Many might look at this as a win for Xbox primarily, Samsung has reason to want to deal with Xbox as well. 

    Firstly, for Xbox, this helps bring more brand awareness to those who might not have thought twice about Xbox. Maybe some haven't even heard of it before? Xbox's goal is to get as many people into its ecosystem as possible. 

    If they like it, they might click on a suggestive title in Gears Pop! These titles will likely also require a small sign-up like most games, which creates an account they can use across the ecosystem should they venture elsewhere. This is just talking about the mobile user who just happened to try it and decided he liked it.

    Another important factor for Xbox is the use of new mobile devices with xCloud. A Microsoft spokesperson relayed via email with, “Working with partners like Samsung is an important step in our xCloud Project and will help make game streaming more accessible for gamers. We look forward to sharing more later this year.

    ” One of the best things about xCloud is the ability to use mobile devices and your mobile network to play your games wherever you are. This also potentially helps to expand the library for current mobile gamers who can try something that seems interesting to them. 

    While most hardcore fans will stick with the traditional home setup, the international appeal of mobile gaming is tremendous. This is one of the main reasons why the Nintendo Switch managed to do so well with its ability to pick up and throw anywhere.

    Earlier, I stated that this is not a one-sided benefit, and that rings true. Samsung is an electronics manufacturer known primarily for its televisions, portable devices and home appliances. Due to this, this also makes Sony a competitor in a sense. 

    Since Samsung is not a gaming electronics company, they may not have the ability to put something eye-catching on their devices and maybe even their television sets. 

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    Sony, on the other hand, could easily apply PlayStation apps to these electronics, giving it an edge that Samsung wouldn't. This brings me to my next subject matter.

    Game apps on more devices?

    What makes Bethesda's hit title The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim so great? The fact that the game is on more devices than anyone would choose to believe. This includes an app actually built for Skyrim on Amazon's Alexa devices. 

    This is a concept that Phil Spencer has talked about several times about wanting Xbox to be able to achieve. Let players play how they want, where they want, regardless of devices. 

    While mobile devices are a fantastic starting point, there are other home appliances that almost everyone has that can also be a big factor.

    Imagine coming home, turning on that sweet Samsung Smart TV you recently bought for a good price. The television set has pre-built apps such as Netflix, Hulu and Disney+. 

    If you're really lucky, you can have TravelGO so you can watch all the ghost shows your heart desires. Also, you notice a new app with the Xbox logo, it reads Xbox GamePass. 

    You open it, it prompts you to sign in or create an account and activate the Xbox One controllers Bluetooth so that the Smart TV can find it. Together with xCloud, you can now play games on your TV without the need to buy an expensive console or PC.

    This is the future that Xbox is imagining, and even one that Sony considered for its own televisions years ago. Other devices such as Blu-ray players can also be a factor in including these apps.

    This shift in the way we would consume gaming entertainment would potentially be enough to grab the attention of competitors. 

    Would you be surprised to see Sony decide that PS Now is perfect for their television sets? As stated earlier, they have considered this move before. 

    After all, they did feature the now-defunct PlayStation Vue app and even allowed live television streaming to some Sony Bravia televisions from your PS4. However, what if you didn't even need the PS4 in the equation? What if you only needed the app?

    Samsung for this matter makes a great partnership for Microsoft. This partnership also helps to strengthen an area for Samsung, which in its competition with Sony, it does not have the capacity to do alone. 

    For Xbox, Samsung helps them expand that reach, putting it on some of the most popular smart devices in the world. Every company has a lot to gain, especially if it is successful. If they succeed, don't be surprised to see the competition follow suit.

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