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    Where to put cow bait on farms in Fortnite

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    How do you distract alien invaders from kidnapping players? Cow bait, of course! That's exactly what you need to do to complete this Fortnite Season 7 weekly challenge.

    With aliens taking over the Island this Season 7, it was only a matter of time before cows became a focal point. Following the debut of the chaotic Inflate-A-Bull item, players are now required to bait cows for this week 6 challenge.

    Why exactly? Well, Slone found out that alien invaders are attracted to cows, and they can't tell the difference between the real ones and the fake ones. As a result, this should be the perfect way to distract them, or lure them into a trap.

    Completing these weekly Legendary Challenges is the fastest way to earn XP, rack up Battle Stars, and unlock all the skins and cosmetics that Battle Pass has to offer, and this particular challenge will bring you an incredible 30.000 XP.

    Where to put cow bait in Fortnite

    This is what cow baits look like in Fortnite.

    You can choose to visit the Corny Complex or Hayseed's Farm (formerly Steel Farm) to bait cows.

    There are seven in each location, and you'll only need to place three to complete this weekly Fortnite challenge. Cow Decoys appear as blue holograms until you interact with them, so sometimes they can be easily missed.

    Both locations are side by side on the map, so this shouldn't be too difficult. But to save you time, we've put together two location maps that should help you earn XP quickly.

    Cow bait locations in the Corny Complex

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    April 1th 2022

    All cow baits in the Corny Complex in Fortnite.

    This is where you can bait Cows in the Corny Complex:

    • Opposite the main house north of the Corny Complex.
    • Close to two large silos northeast of the Corny Complex.
    • In front of the big northwest barn.
    • Near the truck on the north side of Western Crops.
    • Behind the shed on the south side of the western crops.
    • West of the medium-sized green barn southeast of the Corny Complex.
    • Near the little yellow barn south of the Corny Complex.

    If you decide to visit the Corny Complex to complete this challenge, be sure to keep an eye out for the IO Guards patrolling the area, as they can catch you off guard while you're looking for cow bait.

    Cow bait locations at Hayseed Farm

    All Hayseed Farm cow bait in Fortnite.

    Here is where you can bait cows at Hayseed Farm:

    • The east side of the cornfield is northeast of Hayseed Farm.
    • Behind the farmhouse.
    • By the river, west of the farmhouse.
    • In front of the main farmhouse.
    • Near some trees west of Hayseed Farm.
    • Next to a bush east of Hayseed Farm.
    • Close to the bend in the main road southeast of Hayseed Farm.

    We recommend completing this challenge at Hayseed Farm for two reasons: Cow baits are closer here and you won't have to deal with the tough IO Guards that spawn in Corny Complex.

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