Where to fix damaged telescopes in Fortnite season 6

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One of the Fortnite Foreshadowing quests in Season 6 requires you to repair some damaged telescopes, so this is where you can find them.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 has a new set of challenges titled “Foreshadowing Quests,” and one of them requires you to repair damaged telescopes. Here's where you can find them on the map.

Fortnite Season 7 is almost here , and you can try some new challenges called Foreshadowing Quests during the final weeks of Season 6. You can check out our guide for the one that requires you to investigate a downed black helicopter.

Another task is to find and repair various damaged telescopes on the map. You'll need to stock up on metal to do this, but complete it will yield 24.000 XP. Here you can find each of them.

Source: Epic Games

Forty locations of damaged telescopes

The description of this Fortnite Foreshadowing Quest says: “Are they coming after our telescopes? What's next? microscopes? It's almost as if someone doesn't want us to look at the stars. ”

You'll have to find a total of five damaged telescopes to repair with 20 Metal each, so make sure you have the necessary materials on hand when you go after them. To make things a little easier, we've marked their locations on the map below.

Source: Epic Games

Retail Row Location

You'll find the first telescope atop the snowy peaks overlooking Retail Row. Just search the mountain located southeast of the area.

Source: Epic Games

Weather station location

For the second telescope, you will need to head to the coastal area in the lower right corner of the map. Fortnite. He is lying on a cliff overlooking the ocean next to the wooden board.

Source: Epic Games

Misty Meadows Location

Check one of the main peaks in Misty Meadows to find another telescope. You can descend right in the center of the gray mountain area and turn towards your location.

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Source: Epic Games

Steamy Stacks location

The telescope is easy to locate as you can locate the two nuclear towers from Steamy Stacks in the background. Simply head northwest to the heavily shaded hill between this location and Dirty Docks.

Source: Epic Games

Location of rocky cliffs

You can find another damaged telescope east of Craggy Cliffs on the Fortnite map. Go to the hill with the power station at the top.

Source: Epic Games

Lockie's lighthouse location

Head south along the coast and you'll find the telescope at the base of the hill leading to the red and white lighthouse.

Source: Epic Games

Sweaty Sands location

The final telescope can be found on a hill in Sweaty Sands, close to where the NPC de John Wick pops up. Make your way there and interact with him to complete this Foreshadowing Quest.

Source: Epic Games

Once you do, you'll earn 24.000 XP for completing the next set of Foreshadowing Quests. Once they go live, we'll let you know how to complete them.

Each of these challenges hints at what Epic Games has planned for Fortnite's story. Many of them point to the arrival of aliens in the game soon.

While we don't know exactly what Epic Games has planned for Fortnite Season 7, we will soon as it's scheduled to arrive on June 8, 2021.

Image credits: Epic Games

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