Where to find the Fire Stone in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

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The Fire Stone is an in-game item that a player can use in Pokemon Legends: Arceus to evolve specific types of Pokemon into their next form. Here's where to find it.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has completely changed the way players catch Pokemon. Previously, players would randomly encounter Pokémon in the wild and battle them. You would lower their health and if they were weak enough you would throw a Poké Ball in hopes of finding a new ally.

Things have changed. Pokemon Legends: Arceus offers players a variety of ways to catch new Pokemon. Random encounters are gone, and Pokémon now patrol the world in real time, bringing new life to the series.

Pokémon stones work in relatively the same way. See how to get your hands on Firestone.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus ‚Äď Fire Stone Location

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Fortunately, players can find the Fire Stone in various locations as they explore the world of Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

The Fire Stone is an in-game item that the player can use to evolve certain Pokémon. Players can find him at various locations around Jubilife Village.

See how:

  • Completing order #52 ‚ÄúEvee's Evolutions‚ÄĚ will reward you with your choice of Fire Stone, Thunder Stone or Water Stone.
  • Buying at Trading Post for 1000 MP.
  • Buying non-Ginter's Specials for 5000 Pokedollars.

Players can also randomly find a Fire Stone in ore deposits or space-time distortions. So, luckily, you won't be stuck with just one method when looking for a Fire Stone.

A Firestone can be used for the following evolutions:

  • Eevee para Flareon
  • Vulpix for Ninetails
  • Hisuian Growlithe for Hisuian Arcanine
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