Where to find spray cans in Pleasant Park and Dirty Docks in Fortnite

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Another weekly challenge is to once again collect spray cans around the Fortnite map. But this time, it's a lot easier than when the challenge first appeared in Chapter 1. 

Fortnite season 7 added a ton of content for players to dive into, from the new Battle Pass skins and UFOs , players are enjoying Season 7 to the fullest.

One aspect that has remained unchanged with the new season is the weekly missions that players can participate in. These challenges are relatively easy and give you some great XP to boost your battle pass quickly.

A challenge that was first seen in Season X, we will once again be tasked with finding and collecting spray cans around the island Fortnite. This is where you can easily locate these cans in the two Then to follow.

epic Games

Superman was a skin added to this season's battle pass!

Where to find spray cans in Fortnite season 7

In total, there are eight spray cans around the Fortnite island that you'll need to locate to complete this challenge. Conveniently, there are only two locations where these spray cans are found: Pleasant Park and Dirty Docks.

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Both locations are the ones that remained unchanged for most of Chapter 2. Pleasant Park is located in the northern part of the Fortnite map, while Dirty Docks is nestled in the western part of the map.

Below is a rundown of where you can find all these spray cans in these two locations.

Pleasant Park

dirty docks

This is one of the main challenges of Fortnite Season 7's Week XNUMX, and it's no wonder players have struggled to find these cans. They are relatively small in size compared to other items we have to find on the map, and some of them are quite hidden.

We are just starting to explore all the content that epic Games added with Season 7, and we're sure in the coming weeks there will be a flurry of crazy innovations that aliens will be putting on the Fortnite map.

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