Where to find Rambo's POW ID Tags in Warzone

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Collect identification tags from the POW de Rambo to get one step closer to the weapon design.

Searching for dog tags Rambo’s POW em WarzoneJohn Rambo joined the Warzone universe, along with John McClane do Die Hard in the mid-season update Warzone

verdansk of the 80s introduced ten different survival camps, each containing unique identification tags with references to the movies of Rambo

Finding the dog tags is part of the '80s Action Heroes challenge, a set of in-game missions that unlock a sniper rifle weapon schematic if you manage to complete them.

The ID tag challenge is the toughest of all, as the survival camps are scattered all over the map. 

Once you finish this challenge, the rest is a walk in the park in comparison. You may want to try out some of the beefed up weapons in the new update as you complete these challenges, including the best ZRG loadout it's the best loadout AK-74u .

Also introduced in this update is the Warzone hidden inside the Nakatomi Plaza . If you're looking for a way to make a lot of money in a short amount of time, hacking the vault will give you exactly what you need. Here's everything you need to know about how to find Rambo's POW dog tags in Warzone.


You can find the dog tags Rambo POW in each of the survival camps around the map. The new CIA outpost will display all ten locations on your map, but these markers are not permanent. Check out our map that highlights exactly where you can find the survival camps instead of having to go back to the CIA outpost every game.

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IDs are limited, so if you go to a survival camp and can't find one, chances are someone else has already done so. 

To increase your chances of picking up the ID Tags, try targeting camps located in the same area. There are four at the top right of the map that are easy to navigate if you can find a vehicle.


Most of the challenges 80's Action Heroes can be completed just by playing. There are two challenges surrounding the new mode PowerGrab, which removes the Gulag and allows you to collect ID tags from fallen soldiers for rewards.

There is a separate set of challenges that only apply to Black Ops, these challenges are for Warzone only.

  • Earn first blood by being the first member of your squad to kill
  • Get 15 kills with explosive weapons or lethal equipment
  • Em Power Grab, colete 50 dog tags
  • In Power Grab, reach the final circle five times
  • Kill 25 enemy agents during the Arms Deal Public Event
  • Survive a ground jump from the top of Nakatomi Tower
  • Complete any of the three side quests in Nakatomi Tower
  • Collect three Rambo POW dog tags
  • Get three kills with the Combat Bow Killstreak

Complete all nine challenges to unlock the ignition design for or Sniper Rifle Alpha.

And that's all you need to find Rambo's POW dog tags in Warzone. If you want to take first blood, you will need some powerful weapons. 

Check out the best load drops to equip with these meta-settings. The mid-season update also changed the best stats  loadout PPSh-41  and best Swiss K31 loadout  to drastically improve these two weapons – we highly recommend taking them for a round.

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