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    Where to find copper in Minecraft 1.17 and how to use it

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    Source: Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios

    Learn how to find copper in Minecraft and what you can do with it.

    Copper is now in Minecraft as of update 1.17, and man, it's a complex feature. Copper can be turned into all sorts of fascinating decorative blocks, as well as some very sophisticated pieces of equipment.

    Next, we will show how to find copper in minecraft and then we'll cover everything what can you do with copper after smelting it into ingots.

    Where Copper in Minecraft

    Copper is a resource obtained by mining blocks of copper ore. Each block of copper ore you mine will drop 2 or 3 raw copper, which you can smelt into copper ingots in a furnace.

    Copper ore blocks spawn in veins like iron ore, and they can spawn in any underground biome. 

    Copper is most commonly found at Y level 47-48, but you can find them quite often at just about any depth below sea level (Y level 64). So don't expect to have as much trouble finding copper as you would finding Diamonds.

    Copper ore can also be generated in Deepslate at the bottom of the world, although it is rarer, and the block will become Deepslate Copper Ore. It can still be mined in the same way as normal copper blocks.

    Once you find a Copper Ore vein, you can mine each Copper block with any Stone Pickaxe or higher. It's a good idea to use an enchanted Fortune Pickaxe if you have one, as this will increase the amount of raw copper you get from each block.

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    If you're having trouble locating copper ore, you might want to use a texture pack, which highlights the ores to make them easier to find.

    What can I do with copper in Minecraft?

    Raw copper on its own is not very useful. You can place 9 of them in a 3Ă—3 grid to create a copper ore block again, but this is not very useful.

    Instead, you are better off smelting raw copper into copper ingots with a furnace. With copper ingots, you can create the following:

    • Copper Block: 9 copper ingots in a 3Ă—3 grid;
    • Spyglass: 1 copper ingot above another copper ingot, with an amethyst shard on top;
    • Lightning Rod: 3 copper ingots in a vertical row.

    The Copper Block is a very versatile and interesting decorative block. First: it oxidizes over time, which does not Minecraft it simply means that it takes on a turquoise green hue over time when exposed to air. The block itself travels through 4 different phases: regular, then exposed, then weathered and finally oxidized. Each stage reduces orange and increases green.

    You can use an ax on any of these partially oxidized variants to take it back one level (e.g. from Oxidized back to Weathered).

    You can also create a waxed version of any copper block by combining it with Honeycomb in a crafting window, which prevents this oxidation effect. Using an ax on a waxed copper block will turn it back into a normal copper block.

    Finally, you can place 4 copper blocks in a 2Ă—2 grid to make a cut copper block, which is like the copper version of the stone brick block. These Cut versions can also be oxidized and waxed as described above.

    With so many different blocks possible that can be made out of copper, it's no wonder that the builders of the Minecraft have been very excited about copper for some time now. There are limitless uses for copper in homes and other building ideas.

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