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    Where to find chickens and glide with them in Fortnite season 7

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    Source: Epic Games

    The Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 7 update introduced a number of futuristic weapons and alien locations on the map, but the Primal season chickens remain – and you can glide with them!

    There are many challenges to keep players busy in Fortnite, and one of Week 3's epic quests requires players to find a chicken and plan 20 meters with it. It's relatively easy to do, but only if you know where to find them.

    Chickens might seem like a lackluster addition at first glance, although they are capable of big games in the right hands. With these feathered companions, you can roam the entire map in a snap.

    To complete this weekly challenge and earn 30.000 XP to help you level up your Battle Pass , we have a helpful guide below.

    Where to find chickens in Fortnite season 7

    Chicken locations on the map Fortnite.

    These are the best places to find chickens in Fortnite Season 7:

    • The grassy areas east of Pleasant Park .
    • Between Believer Beach e Holly Hedges .
    • the west side of Corny Complex .
    • Steel Farm , which is along the river east of the Corny Complex.

    Chickens are one of the easiest animals to find in the wild in Fortnite Season 7, as there are many of them located around the Island. Still, it helps to know where to look so you don't waste time running around like a headless chicken.

    The map above, courtesy of, highlights all of the most common chicken spawn locations on the Season 7 Fortnite map. They're not guaranteed to always appear here in every match, but it's a good place to start.

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    How to fly with chickens in Fortnite season 7

    Flying a chicken in Fortnite is a lot of fun.

    When you spot a chicken in the jungle in Fortnite, your first task is to grab it. They will run away and change direction to try to lose you. However, if you're fast enough, you can catch one.

    With a chicken suspended above your head, you will notice a unique effect. Jumps are now much more effective as the chicken helps you take off. Using this trick allows you to cover a little more distance than usual.

    While this is one way to use chickens to your advantage, there is a much more powerful tactic that can send you flying across the map. All you need to do is get a chicken and find a launch pad.

    Here's how to fly around the map with a chicken in Fortnite:

    1. Locate a chicken in the wild areas of the Island.
    2. Chase the chicken and grab it quickly.
    3. Head to one of the launch pads located around the Island or place your own.
    4. Get off the launch pad and use the chicken to glide across the sky.

    Using this cheat will take you further than any other method in Fortnite today. Whether the circle is closing or you have a challenge to complete, this can be useful for a wide variety of situations.

    Expect to see chickens become a hot commodity as Fortnite Season 7 resounds and more challenges require you to find them to earn XP.

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