Where to find beavers in Red Dead Redemption 2

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If you want to maximize your hunting skills and achievements, take a look at our guide to all beaver locations in RDR2.

Hunting is a very important part of Red Dead Redemption 2 . Whether you're a completionist who wants 100 percent of the game, an achievement hunter who wants to earn as many trophies as possible, or even if you just want the best gear in the game or to feed yourself, you're going to have to hunt in Red Dead. Redemption 2.

Arthur can skin a beaver carcass to obtain various items such as skin, fat, scent glands, and sticky meat. There are some crafting recipes that require beaver skin and there is also a side quest that requires perfect beaver skin. One of the best saddles in the game is also made of beaver skin in mint condition. So, in short, hunting some beavers will be very useful. Here's where you'll find them.

All Beaver locations in RDR2

There are only four locations in the game where you will find beavers to hunt. We'll go over them in this guide so you can plan your next hunting trip accordingly.

Big Valley Region

Beavers can be found in the region of Big Valley , not far west of Strawberry .

In the region there is a lake called Owanjila and that's where you'll have to go if you want to hunt some beavers.

Grizzlies West Region

There are also beavers in the coldest region of the game, the Grizzlies West Region . You can find beavers on the northern end of Lake Isabella .

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It is here that you will also find the Legendary White Bison, the Legendary Sockeye Salmon and the White Arabian Horse, so if you're in the mood to get more than beavers on this trip, there's plenty of entertainment in this particular area.

Bayou Nwa region

go down to the Lemoyne territory , in the region of Bayou Nwa . A little further south of Shady Belle is where you'll find more beavers, south of the coast .

Roanoke Ridge Region

This last location is perhaps the most important because it's actually in the same area where you'll find the legendary beaver .

You'll find beavers and the Legendary Beaver, the southwest of Annesburg. South of the Elysian Pool and west of the Van Horn trading post, very close to Huron Glen along the Kamassa River.

Tips on beaver hunting in RDR2

If you've never hunted beavers in the game before, there's some important information you should know about these creatures.

To get perfect skin, the best weapon for hunting beavers is the Varmint rifle . It's made for smaller animals and works better than the bow in this particular case.

Consider adding a telescopic sight to your Varmint rifle, because if a beaver hears you coming, it will immediately retreat into the water and you won't be able to skin it. A headshot from a distance is what guarantees the most success when it comes to beaver hunting in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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