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    Where to find alien artifacts in Fortnite

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    Source: Epic Games

    One of the new collectibles available in Fortnite 2nd Chapter 7th Season is Alien Artifacts, which can be used to customize Kymera skin with alternate styles. See how to find them.

    the new update Fortnite 7 Season has an Invasion theme, with aliens being the focus. There are a number of extraterrestrial additions, including altered POIs, new sci-fi themed weapons, and a massive mothership floating above the Island.

    There is also an alien skin in the battle passage known as the Kymera. Players will notice that there are a number of customizable styles available to choose from, but they may be wondering how exactly to unlock them. Well, that's where alien artifacts come into play.

    Alien Artifacts are a new feature in Season 7 that players can collect along with the returning Gold Bars. Finding many of them will be essential for players to unlock all Kymera styles and really 'max out' their Season 7 Battle Pass.

    Where to find alien artifacts in Fortnite season 7

    epic games

    Alien artifacts are hidden around the Island.

    There are two ways to find alien artifacts in Fortnite. The first – and simplest – is simply to make a island search , as there will be multiple Alien Artifacts located throughout the map. You just need to walk up to them to get them.

    The second way to find Alien Artifacts requires you to find and open Cosmic Chests , a new type of loot box that can be found hidden around the Island. They require teamwork to open, so you'll need to play with friends.

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    With literally hundreds of these alien artifacts to find in Fortnite Season 7, the epic Games gave players a huge challenge to complete over the next few months, and they'll need to do that before Season 8 hits in September.

    Alien Artifact Locations in Fortnite Season 7

    epic games

    Locations of alien artifacts on the Fortnite Season 7 map.

    ÂŞHere are all the locations of alien artifacts from Fortnite Season 7:

    • In the water, in the center of the map, where Point Zero was.
    • To the west side of Catty Corner.
    • Outside the building northwest of Slurpy Swamp.
    • On a hill northeast of Believer Beach.
    • Inside the farm north of Corny Complex.

    We've also marked all the alien artifact locations we've found so far on the new Season 7 map above to help you get started on your hunt. There may be more to find, or some extras added as the season progresses.

    It is unknown if alien artifacts will spawn in the same location each match, or if they will be random each time, but we will continue to update this map with new locations as we find more, so check back soon!

    For the latest news, guides and leaks from 7 season do Fortnite, be sure to visit our page dedicated to Fortnite .

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