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As EA SPORTS prepares for the launch of FIFA 22 with Ultimate Team (FUT) in 2021, players will once again have the chance to build their FUT team with the FIFA 22 Web App and Companion App. 

Fans all over the world, are playing on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S., PlayStation 4, PS5 ou PC, will be able to dive into the game mode to build their team before launch.

Then they can take that to the Early Access Trial of the EA Play and get an idea before the game is released.

If you are planning to set up your Ultimate Team, training, manager or start trading before the launch of the FIFA 22, let's go over everything you need to know about the FIFA 22 Web App and the Companion App.

FIFA 22 Web App release date

The launch of the web application is planned for September 2021 , for FIFA 22.

It is anticipated that the FIFA 22 be launched in early October, as the FIFA 21, and the web app is usually released a week before that.

FIFA 22 Companion app release date

companion app , for devices iOS e Android, is scheduled for release September 2021 , for FIFA 22.

Most features work the same as the Web App, but for handheld devices.

FIFA 22 Web App and Companion App Features


This is what the web app looked like last year.

Name your Ultimate Team

Starting Ultimate Team is an exciting process for new players, and part of that is choosing your name. You can do this in both apps.

Select your FUT stadium

Choosing your first stadium will be tricky as you will likely be within your budget. However, rest assured that you can do everything from the FIFA 22 Web App and Companion App.

FIFA 22 Daily Rewards

FIFA 22 will deposit daily rewards into your account which should increase your transfer budget. They can be received by simply logging in each day and range from a small bundle of gold to a few hundred coins.

Can you open FIFA 22 packs in the web app and companion app?

Opening Ultimate Team packs is possible in both the FIFA 22 Web App and the Companion App. You can buy them with FIFA Points or Ultimate Team Coins, although this may be restricted before the game launches – normally. In that case, opening packs will only be an in-game feature available via EA Play early access.

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Build your Ultimate Team

Building your Ultimate Team is the most important feature of the IFAD 22 Web App and Companion App, of course. Choosing which players will represent you in your first match of Online Friendlies, Division Rivals or Squad Battles will play an important role in how you start. The better players you can buy early on, the more advantage you'll have when the game launches.

SBC: Squad Building Challenges

Squad Building Challenges are a great way to turn Ultimate Team food into good cards, through pack rewards. Once these apps open, go to the SBC section and see what you can do right away.

Recompensas FUT Champs, Division Rivals, FUT Draft e Squad Battles

FIFA 22 players will also be able to open their rewards for online tournaments in each of the Web and Companion apps. That means you can open your Division Rivals, FUT Champs Weekend League, FUT Draft or Squad Battles reward packs anywhere or from the comfort of your PC – instead of playing.

FUT trading

Everyone claims to have the best Ultimate Team trading method, and you can carve your own path using any of these apps. Just log on, go to the transfer market and start bidding on card auctions to grab pre-launch assets. You can also select, send players to the trading pile, and quick sell cards.

Before FIFA 22 Release: Web App Tips and Companion Apps


Signing the right players on the web app/companion app is important.

Starting your Ultimate Team in the Web App or Companion App will be a drag, because you don't have that balance, the full game allows you to switch between buys, sells and games. It's just numbers and cards. However, we have some helpful tips to get you started.

Don't Miss Your Free Rewards: Free Packs and Loan Items

One of the best things about it, it might be a perk, but the daily rewards for logging in are a must during this pre-launch period. Collect them, increase your club's value, and list any cards you don't want. Plus, gather your free packs earned from last year and past games to get started – as well as a loaner item.

Best cards to invest

We suggest investing in cheap, high-rated cards during launch day for both applications, as this is a period when the market has not yet fully formed. Here, you can get some 80-83 cards that will inevitably increase in value when players have a chance to complete SBCs and earn coins.

complete SBC's

There's another tip, SBCs. If you can complete the Squad Building Challenges in FIFA 22 Web App or Companion App before launch, you should get some decent rewards and better players to get into the main game.

web app trading tips

With trading, you should look to invest in players from the big leagues (Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1) as they will be available through auctions at a low rate. Don't get impatient and start spending money on Buy Now options because you will potentially lose hundreds on each card. The cheaper you can get these cards, the better.

Then list the gold cards you may have purchased for 350-400 coins for about 600 marks. Your money is almost doubling and with so many players looking to build the foundation of a Premier League or Bundesliga team, you will be surprised to see how many impatient players you can benefit from.

So that's it - invest wisely, complete SBCs if possible, keep coming back to your journals and build a good team before the launch of FIFA 22. Good luck!

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