When to expect the next Diablo 4 update

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Fans have been waiting for new updates on Diablo 4, but Blizzard has been especially quiet about the game in recent months.

Diablo 4 It is one of the most anticipated games by many fans. Announced in 2019, Blizzard has been sparse with details about the game ever since. While most of the character classes and some of their more critical gameplay elements have been revealed, fans are still waiting for more details on the game's story and, finally, a release date. However, it's hard to pin down exactly when the next Diablo 4 update will come.

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Diablo 4's story details and release date are the things fans are probably most looking forward to. Some details were revealed via some class trailers, and what was a quarterly update on Diablo 4 straight from Blizzard's official website. Even at its BlizzConline event just over five months ago, not much else has been released about the long-awaited title. 

Fans began pinning their hopes for E3 2021 before Blizzard announced its planned absence. And now that an in-person BlizzCon 2021 has also been canceled, fans are curious to know if they'll get an update anytime soon.

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