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Valuing initially appears to be a cross between CS: GoOverwatch . A competitive shooter that pits two small teams against each other. 

Your team is set up to attack or defend, with the attackers planting a “spike” (essentially a bomb) that the other team needs to defuse or, preferably, prevent you from placing in the first place. 

The attacking team can win by taking out the defenders or planting the stake and protecting it from being deactivated until time runs out. Defenders can win, in the same way, by destroying attackers before they have a chance to plant their spike, or by disabling the spike after it has been planted.

Each team of five players can play as an attacker and defender during a game. Each match has a total of 25 rounds, with the first team to win 13 rounds being declared the winner.  

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Even with so many rounds, games can last up to eight minutes. Especially if both teams are aggressive. 

It's a fairly simple premise and one that Counter-Strike players are used to. In fact, anyone who has played CS: Go will notice a lot of similarities between it and this game.

In addition to bomb planting and small teams, Valorant also has a weapon purchase system and similar weapon mechanics. Some weapons don't let you aim, which is a familiar feeling. The game also involves a lot of chasing and dodging around corners and choke points. 

Or what a difference Valuing are the hero classes. Each character has different abilities that allow them to cast special moves after a certain time. 

This includes simple things like the ability to heal or revive fallen teammates or a special that allows a character to “repeat” when they get hit by teleporting back to a different place on the map. 

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