What is the difference between playstation, xbox and nintendo?

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The gaming market is one of the biggest in the world. Proof of this is that, according to data from Newzoo, the sector that in 2019 generated revenue of US$148 billion, grows by an average of 10% per year. Those passionate about the gamer universe are always looking for the next release, and thinking about helping you choose your console, check out the difference between Playstation, XBOX, and Nintendo.

How to choose video game?

Before knowing the features, information about gameplay, and the price of each one, it is important to keep in mind which evaluation criteria should be taken into account when making your choice. 

After all, the video game is not usually one of the more modest items – as well as the compatible games and accessories. Put the pros and cons of each model on the scale before making the purchase.


This brand is an old acquaintance of the gamer universe. The device that is one of the most popular among gamers is usually indicated for those looking for a more traditional experience in terms of gameplay.

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Among the strongest points of the latest version of this console is virtual reality! With technological advances, game creators have invested in a complete experience, in which with the help of sound waves and motion sensors, the user can actually feel a sense of belonging to that universe. 

If that's your intention, know that the Playstation has its own display, and to acquire it you will have to pay around R$3.000 (in addition to the value of the device, which varies from R$1.400 to R$3.500). 

Also, consider that, even with the growing offer of games that have these “special effects”, there are few options available for this console.

One of the strengths is that with the Instant Game Collection you have the right to download two PS4 games at no additional cost, valid for the same duration as your PS Plus subscription, which now costs R$130 per year.

In addition, PS Plus also offers discounts on weekly promotions on the Playstation digital store. 

If you value the exclusivity of game options and want to receive all releases first hand, know that the PS4 is perfect for you! That's because, compared to its competitors, this model has the biggest offer of exclusive games on the market. 

Among the most hyped names are Gran Turismo, Uncharted and the franchises Detroit, Days Gone, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and bets like Persona and Yakuza.


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The XBOX One is among the darlings of games that prefer the universe of online games. If you are looking for a recommended console to stimulate competitiveness from multiplayer matches in the most diverse types of games, choose it! 

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The console, which is sold from R$1.500 to R$2.700, is backward compatible, which is an excellent positive point, because that way, you don't necessarily need to purchase updates for the games you like, as you can count on more than 250 games from previous console versions.

A curious fact is that despite seeming "outdated", some games from previous versions have greater gameplay on XBOX One than on their corresponding device.

Speaking of gameplay, the console offers 4K games in the XBOX One X version. Improved animations, as well as faster processing (including Ultra HD games) are other features of this premium version, which costs R$4.

Despite not having exclusive games, the console has a good variety in terms of the racing and shooting category. Among the most successful names are franchises such as Sea Of Thieves, Ori, State of Decay, Cuphead, as well as Forza, Halo and Gears Of War.

A differentiator is that Microsoft titles offer a paid version for PC. depending on the game chosen for purchase, it is possible that you will win both versions, instead of one.

Considering that the biggest differentiating factor from its competitors is precisely that of online matches, the XBOX One offers a Live Gold subscription that has more than 150 options for titles for its subscribers, and which even gives four games for download per month , plus discounts.

It is still possible to have a spoiler of upcoming releases, because EA Access offers demos, as well as discounts on upcoming purchases.

Nintendo Switch

Have you ever thought about having a device that has both console and portable characteristics? Sounds too practical to be true, doesn't it? However, these are some of the features of the Nintendo Switch, available for purchase between R$1.500 and R$2.150.

Source: en.wikipedia.org

The Switch has a strong tendency to become a passion among parents, that's because the ease of being used in both handheld and console mode makes children entertain themselves wherever the device is taken.

It's important to pay attention to the gameplay in its different modes of use, as the portable version has a lower resolution. The device that runs games with matches for 2 players, each with a joy-con, has a battery that lasts a long time – even in the case of online game matches.

Nintendo continues with its characteristic of bringing users exclusive experiences. That's why it offers classic titles like Metroid, Zelda and the famous Super Mario. In addition to these names, it features Pokémon, Arms, and Splatoon bets, as well as the more “adult” games Skyrim and Doom.

Before making your purchase, keep in mind that the console has no official technical assistance in the country since Nintendo left Spain in 2015. Also, keep an eye on the quote, as considering that the eShop (digital store of console is also foreign), you will have to purchase games in dollars.

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