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    What is an ultralight mouse?

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    Source: finalmouse
    Ultralight mice are relatively new computer peripherals, but they're taking off in a big way. So what exactly qualifies as an ultralight mouse, why might you want one and are there any downsides?

    What is an ultralight mouse?

    An ultralight mouse is a computer mouse that has lost as much additional weight as possible. There's no "official" definition of what qualifies as ultralight, but our sister site Review Geek and gaming enthusiasts from Digital Foundry classify any mouse that weighs less than 80g (2,82 oz) as ultralight.

    Some mice come at a price considerably lower than that, and it's not uncommon for an ultralight to weigh 50g (1,76oz) or less.

    Source: Finalmouse

    One of the most common ultra-lightweight mouse design tricks is to use a “hive” chassis. By cutting holes on the outside of the mouse, it is possible to remove weight without compromising the integrity of the mouse. This has led some to call ultralights "honeycomb-shaped mice," but that's not the only technique manufacturers use.

    Some ultra-light mice don't use a honeycomb shell. Instead, they are very small. These mice may not include as many features as their heavier counterparts, such as shortcut buttons and additional scroll wheels. Many ultra-light mice are plugged in because the battery can add unwanted weight, but wireless products do exist.

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    Source: Logitech

    Ultralight mice tend to use a highly flexible, lightweight cable that doesn't slow down mouse movement. Cabling is commonly made of low-friction material to aid movement. A good ultralight mouse should have that “wireless feel”, regardless of whether it's wired or not.

    Getting used to an ultra-lightweight mouse can take some time. But after a short period of adjustment, it should feel perfectly normal. Many users report that the accuracy of the mouse is improved after tuning, which brings us to the question of what you can use an ultralight mouse for.

    What is an ultralight mouse for?

    Ultralight mice are the work of enthusiast gamers who decided their existing pointing devices were too heavy. It all started with DIY mods and 3D printed cases for existing mice and ended with companies like Finalmouse and Glorious making custom-made peripherals.

    Competitive, fast-paced online shooters will undoubtedly benefit the most from an ultra-lightweight mouse. Restless shooters like Counter-Strike e Valuing  require fast reaction times, and an ultra-lightweight mouse can help. These mice can give you an edge on any competitive shooter, which requires you to react quickly (including battle royale titles like Call of Duty: War zone , Apex Legends e Fortnite ).

    It's a simple case of letting you move your hand a little faster, which translates to faster on-screen responses. You may also find an ultra-lightweight mouse less tiring in long gaming sessions.

    While online shooter fans are the target audience, an ultralight mouse is still a mouse at the end of the day. Some users love the lightweight feel and use their ultralights for everything from offline strategy games to office tasks and photo editing.

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