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    What Dead Space 4 Might Look Like

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    Elia Tabuenca GarcĂ­a

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    With Dead Space 4 rumored to be revealed at the EA Play event on July 22nd, here are some previews of what the game might involve.

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    There's been a big rumor circulating in the gaming community that EA will announce the revival of the popular third-person horror series Dead Space during next month's EA Play. That could mean a few things for the series: a remastered version of the main trilogy for current-gen consoles, a remake of the first game reimagined for more modern audiences, or, one of the more popular theories,  Dead Space 4 . 

    While it's still just a rumor, the series has a die-hard fanbase who are eager for more Dead Space content, so a fourth entry in the franchise would likely be very good.

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