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    What are Alien Nanites in Fortnite Season 7?

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    Source: Epic Games

    Alien Nanites are a leaked item for Fortnite Season 7 that will allow you to upgrade weapons and change the world around you, so here's everything we know about them.

    A new season of Fortnite means new weird and wonderful items that match the season's theme. Season 7's Alien theme brought sci-fi weapons and Alien Parasites into the mix, and will soon add some new items if the leaks are true.

    After the 17.10 update, Fortnite data miners discovered Alien Nanites and the Inflate-A-Bull in the game files. The Inflate-A-Bull appears to be a wearable outfit that lets you "roll down hills, jump off cliffs, and be immune to fire", but Nanites are expected to have a significant impact on the game.

    Here's everything we know about Alien Nanites in Fortnite Season 7.

    What are alien nanites in Fortnite?

    Alien Nanites appear to be an extraterrestrial technology that allows players to manipulate the world around them. With the initial leak, it was revealed that alien nanites spawn "an alien biome over a large area for a short period".

    Another New Item

    — HYPEX (@HYPEX) June 22, 2021

    Thanks to the week 4 missions leak, we understand that these alien biomes are low gravity zones. This coincides with a previous leak that Season 7 would see a "No Gravity Biome" enter the map.

    You can carry two of them at a time, and when you throw them, you're likely to create a huge low-gravity zone around them.

    However, they seem to have another game-changing function as well.

    How to upgrade weapons with Alien Nanites

    Thanks to the HYPEX leaker, we have even more details on what these mysterious Alien Nanites can do. Similar to Season 6's crafting materials, Alien Nanites can upgrade your weapons .

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    Soon you'll be able to craft your weapons into Alien Weapons using Alien Nanites.

    [1 Alien Nanite = 1 craft from Normal to Alien Weapons]

    Assault Rifles -> Pulse Rifle
    SMGs -> Kymera Ray Gun
    Pistols -> Bad News
    Snipers -> Rail Gun

    These can be enabled VIA a hotfix!

    — iFireMonkey (@iFireMonkey) June 27, 2021

    Another leaker, iFireMonkey then tweeted on June 28 that "You'll soon be able to turn your weapons into Alien Weapons using Alien Nanites." They confirmed that an Alien Nanite will allow you to transform a normal weapon into an alien weapon.

    Alien Nanite updates will be as follows:

    • Assault Rifles> Pulse Rifle
    • SMGs> Kymera Ray Gun
    • Pistols> Bad news
    • Snipers> Rail Gun

    The Bad News weapon is yet to be released, but some fans have speculated that it will be the insanely OP Zapatron of Fortnite's launch.

    Once we know exactly how to upgrade your weapons with Alien Nanites, we'll let you know.

    Alien Nanite release date

    There is no official release date for Alien Nanites, but we can hazard an accurate guess thanks to the Weekly Quests. These Nanites appear in Week 4 Quests, which will release on July 1st, so Alien Nanites should be released before that date.

    Therefore, we expect Alien Nanites to arrive in Fortnite during the week starting June 28 .

    And that's all we know about this new item coming to Fortnite soon! Stay tuned to Charlie INTEL and see how to complete week 3 quests before week 4 quests.

    Image credit: epic Games

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