Watch Dogs Legion ScriptHook: Will be available on April 14

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Source: Xbox

a mod Watch Dogs Leion that lets you manipulate the open world game at your leisure will be released in a few days, and a new trailer demonstrates all the features.

The trailer shows some of the possibilities, like creating lots of drones or building your own special seal island.

Source: NOMAD Group

Watch Dogs Legion ScriptHook will be available on April 14th. The online portion of Watch Dogs Legion arrived on PC last month. Our Jen Rothery called it “chaotic fun” in her preview.

Watch Dogs Legion ScriptHook It's basically a menu of cheats to do whatever you want in the London City of Crime game. 

You can spawn vehicles and objects, change the weather, control traffic, teleport, create custom license locations, or simply exit the world structure. 

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Think of it like those cheat lists we got for Grand Theft Auto games in the past, except instead of entering codes every time, everything is always there, as part of the game.

The tool was developed by NOMAD group, with the approval of Ubisoft. The team did something similar to Watchdogs 2 e Mafia: Definitive Edition last year. 

Source: Xbox

“Legion ScriptHook comes with a feature-rich Trainer that lets you experience London in entirely new ways,” reads a description from the official forums. 

“The included scripting engine allows you to create and run fully customized scripts that can interact with the UI, the map and the objects within it, allowing DedSec members to create fully customized and never-before-seen gaming experiences.

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