Warzone Vault Key Cards: How to Open Nakatomi Plaza Vault

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Here's how to find Vault Keycard 1, 2 and 3 and how to open Warzone's new vault.

Who put that huge tower there? O Nakatomi Plaza just sprung no hub verdansk thanks to the Season 3 update, and the big new point of interest offers more than just the nostalgia of anos 80 and a lovely high roof that you can shoot from.

Nakatomi Plaza, actually hides a vault full of cash within its walls, which was briefly teased in the event trailer Heroes 80s, and players have already figured out how to get in and get their hands on some very tasty rewards. 

While the steps for opening the Nakatomi Plaza vault aren't as arduous as they were for opening secret rooms and similar bunkers in the past, it's not as easy as walking and knocking politely.

You can open the safe Nakatomi Plaza using one of the three Vault Key Cards, and there are different ways to obtain each one. Although any of key cards can open the vault to get some of the rewards, there are three vaults inside which each of the three keycards must be opened, so if you're feeling brave, you can try to get all three.

Here's how to get each one and open Warzone's new vault.


To open the new vault Nakatomi Plaza from Warzone, you will need to take at least one of the three keycards from the vault. There are three separate methods to obtain these keycards.


O Vault Keycard 1 can be obtained by completing one of the new contracts added to the game for the 80's Heroes event. The contracts are called 'Unfinished Business', they are located in the area around the Nakatomi Plaza and act in the same way as contracts Scavenger. You must locate and loot three nearby crates, and in the third and final crate, the Vault Keycard 1 will fall for you.


O Vault Keycard 2 is obtained by completing the in-game quest which is triggered when you fall into the Nakatomi Plaza. This involves disarming C4s which are planted around the top of the building, and the locations of these C4s are shown as you enter. Some are on the roof, while others are located on the floor below the roof.

It seems that whoever disarms the C4 end will be the happy recipient of the Vault Keycard 2.

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O Vault Keycard 3 is obtained by triggering the event Deal Gone Bad in the underground parking lot. On the lower level you'll find a truck with a table and a radio device in the back - go to it, interact and the event will begin.

the henchmen of IA will appear in two waves. Defeat them all and the much stronger boss henchman at the end, and Vault Keycard 3 will fall.


Once you have any of key cards, go to the 31st floor of Nakatomi Plaza. The easiest way to do this is to go up the elevator shaft from the lower floor to the 30th floor and then up the stairs to the 31st.

Once there, locate a large golden logo placed on a waterfall wall, and on the opposite side are some large boxes with four TV screens on top and a curved silver door. Walk over to the box with the TVs on top and the 'Unlock Vault Door' prompt should appear. Interact, and the silver door should open, revealing plenty of delicious rewards.


Inside the vault Nakatomi Plaza, you'll find a lot of cash on the floor, along with some loot boxes that will drop things like Self-Revive Kitif scorestreaks. It seems that in Plunder there will be more money than in traditional BR modes.

Also inside the vault are three safes. They each open with a specific keycard, and each appears to offer different rewards.

O Vault Keycard 1 will open a safe containing extra money and tokens de bĂ´nuSpecialist s, which grant you all the benefits without having to leave your loadout.

O Vault Keycard 2 will open a safe containing extra cash and an advanced UAV.

O Vault Keycard 3 will open a safe containing a Contraband weapon blueprint.

This is a really hard Easter egg to complete. although get a Vault Keycard is relatively simple, doing all three in the same game will be a difficult task, so we suggest prioritizing one Vault Keycard per game.

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