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    Warzone's Red Doors Will Finally Appear in Season 4

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    Source: Activision

    Call of Duty: Warzone players now have more information about the famous Verdansk 84 red doors.

    The next few weeks will be busy again in Call of Duty with the arrival of the fourth season of Black ops cold war to Warzone. Recently, the developers revealed the roadmap for this 4 season with lots of details about the content to come.

    We will have new multiplayer weapons, a new Zombies mode map and lots of other content to explore. And players were entitled to some details about the famous Red Doors that were supposed to be operational in Verdansk 84 from June 17th.

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    Red doors will be commented on in Call of Duty: War zone.

    On the official website of Call of Duty, a mysterious message is available over the red doors of the Warzone:

    “Our information cannot explain the origin of these mysterious red doors around Verdansk, but one thing is certain: they allow you to [[REDACTED]] around [[REDACTED]]. What's behind them? Explore and enter [[REDACTED]] via [[REDACTED]].

    Red Doors will not [[REDACTED]] unless you mark them, and after exiting, you are not told to [[REDACTED]] exit the other side... and enter a [[REDACTED]]

    This post is still far from clear, but fans can already deduce a few things about those red doors. In any case, we'll see you in a few days to learn more about Season 4, so stay tuned to GAMER PORTAL to discover everything!

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