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    Warzone RAM-7 Loadout: Best-in-class accessories for Season 3

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    RAM! bam! Thank you Madam!

    There aren't many weapons in Call of Duty: War zone that divide opinion more than the assault rifle RAM 7. A weapon from the era Modern Warfare It has very low recoil, making it easy to use, but its damage numbers have always been a concern for some players.

    However, after an update to the 3 season, the RAM have their time in the spotlight. With the CR-56 AMAX getting a nerf long ago due to his damage, the RAM 7 actually has one of the best times to kill stats for ARs. 

    It's a fast-firing weapon and requires a clear line of sight to an opponent to hit all the bullets you need to take him down, but if you can pick the right moment to attack, the RAM can be lethal.

    You'll also need the right attachments on the weapon to make sure you're extracting every ounce of potential from it. we scoured the Twitch and the YouTube to see what the best players are using, and there's a RAM loadout that's proving popular in season 3 of Warzone.

    So here it is, in all its glory. Give it a try and see if it rivals your best gear. Warzone current.


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    • Monolithic Suppressor
    • FSS Ranger Barrel
    • VLK 3.0x optics
    • Ranger Foregrip
    • 50 round magazines

    This is the tried and true formula for the ultimate loading of RAM-7 Warzone. This class configures the RAM to be a beast in mid-range and long-range firefights. Don't believe us? Watch one of the biggest streamers of Warzone, Kris ‘Swagg’ Lamberson, wreaking havoc on verdansk to RAM in the video below. It's a real crusher.

    While long-range ARs are often paired with one of the best SMGs in the game (you can find something suitable in our best loadout of MP5 ), RAM is also a great support option for shooters. 

    It's surprisingly good at staying in the normal SMG range, though you'll probably want to swap out the 3x oscilloscope for a reflex/holo sight or something like a Stippled Grip Tape to increase the ADS speed.

    If you want to play with a top-notch sniper, look no further than the version in our best Kar98k loadout.

    Whatever your RAM pair, you'll want the EOD, Overkill, and Amped perks lineup.

    For your gear, pack a pulse sensor and Semtex or Thermite grenades – whichever you prefer.

    While many still preach that AMAX is the king of ARs, RAM is becoming increasingly popular among Warzone tournament regulars. If it suits your style of play, you will be the winner.

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