Video + Resident Evil Village Trailler shows the details of the scenario

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Fans can now catch a glimpse of the Resident Evil Village setting, which offers a chilling combination of the beautiful and the terrifying.

A new walkthrough video provides more clues about the environment in Resident evil village . Fans have been looking forward to Capcom's latest entry in the popular Resident Evil franchise, with a release date set for next month on May 7. Resident Evil Village is a direct sequel to RE7 and the hype surrounding the game hasn't stopped, especially with the end of April. With that being said, fans are still eagerly waiting for more details to be made public.

It is difficult to get information about the plot and setting. At this stage, it has been confirmed that the upcoming game will be much bigger than previous titles while also introducing new gameplay features. Fans were also intrigued by the cast of new and recurring characters in the run-up to the game's release. A certain Lady Dimitrescu continues to steal the show on that front. The enemies in RE7, known as Mold, disappointed many fans with their predictable movement and easy difficulty. Resident Evil Village is fixing this problem by adding enemies with terrible werewolf traits. This is believed to have been caused by a new virus released by the evil pharmaceutical company Umbrella.

Much attention has been devoted to the game's unique setting; a Romanian-inspired mansion and adjacent villa. Fans now have the chance to explore Resident Evil Village gameplay to learn more about the immersive environment. Game Informer has uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel that lets fans see more of the game's visuals. It features many moments of melee combat and other emotions. The video takes the viewer to the heart of things to see the action up close. It features photos taken from inside the in-game mansion, as well as houses scattered throughout the nearby village.

Vídeo do Resident Evil Village – Tour em 4k

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The video also shows footage of the Duke. The great merchant will be vital to Ethan's cause as players must visit him to purchase weapon upgrades and other supplies. Capcom has taken a strategic approach, slowly revealing new content as launch approaches. Fans are being rewarded for their patience with new Resident Evil Village demos coming soon.

The walkthrough video highlights new parts of the game's content, and it's sure to only add to the excitement surrounding its imminent release. Capcom has found an ideal balance between feeding fans tips through pre-release content and keeping the game's story a mystery, and hopefully, that smart approach will pay off when  Resident evil village is finally released next month.

Último trailer do Resident Evil Village – 4th

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