Vanguard Ranked Mode Will Launch Now After CDL 2022 Starts

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Earlier this week, Sledgehammer Games confirmed its plans to delay the release of the second season of Call of Duty Vanguard. Duty League season and the launch of Vanguard's long-awaited ranked mode.

With Season XNUMX on the horizon, many fans were eager to dive into Vanguard's ranked mode ahead of Call's first weekend.f Duty League 2022

However, due to the Season 14 delay, CDL has confirmed that the rating will now drop a few weeks after the competitive season starts, likely on the new Season XNUMX release date of February XNUMXth.

In a statement addressing this news, Tsay shared that he is "upset" that Vanguard's ranked mode will release later than originally planned, however, he still expressed support for the Call of Duty team's decision to delay the update. second season. 

To focus on “game health”. Prioritizing the player experience is important, but it's safe to say he's not the only one who feels let down by the delay.

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Fans have been asking for a ranked competitive mode to be added to Vanguard's multiplayer since launch and many players are not happy that we have to wait even longer for this due to this delay.

The delay may not affect the Call of Duty League season schedule, but it will impact the fan experience for the first few weeks. 

All viewership incentives for the Call of Duty League Season Opening Weekend will be delayed and released alongside the Vanguard Season XNUMX update.

Update with @dtsay56 on the Season 2 delay and what it means for the League.


— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague) January 20, 2022

Also, competing teams will “compete on clean operator skins” for a few weeks instead of their own branded skins. The broadcast interface will still reflect the correct team colors, but teams will not fight in their own custom skins until the Season XNUMX update is released.

The last few weeks have proved to be a tumultuous time for Call of duty vanguard e Call of duty warzone. Both titles were scrutinized for their technical issues and visual bugs in the game. The fact that the release of a new season is being delayed to fix these issues tells you everything you need to know about the scale of the issues.

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