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    Vanguard Players Criticize Developers for “Pay-To-Win” with LMG Whitley in Season XNUMX

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    Call of Duty: Vanguard players are asking for big nerfs to the newly added LMG Whitley, calling the Season XNUMX weapon "super powered" and "pay-to-win". 

    After a delay to allow Sledgehammer and Raven to maximize the efficiency of their patches, Warzone and Vanguard Season 2 were released on February 14th.

    While Warzone's new update has tried to address as many bugs and glitches as possible, Vanguard has brought some new maps and weapons to the game, including the Ice Ax and the Armaguerra 43 SMG.

    Among the plethora of new content added to SHG's annual CoD installment was also LMG Whitley, which proved more controversial than any other weapon addition.


    The second season of Vanguard was released on February 14th.

    When added to the game, the Whitley was designed to do high damage, but without any real weaknesses in terms of handling or recoil, it was incredibly powerful.

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    Bringing attention to the weapon on Reddit was player 'Nezev3', who said he was "genuinely curious how this weapon made it through the pre-launch balance adjustment, [it's] just plain unfair."

    Attached was a clip of them destroying enemies with the Whitley, taking out enemies in milliseconds as they flew forward into Das Haus. Among the kills are several rather lucky wall hits, illustrating just how deadly the LMG is through surfaces.

    Genuinely curious how this gun got past pre release balance tuning lol this is just unfair from CODVanguard

    Many Redditors echoed the comments, criticizing the weapon as "pay-to-win" and "overpowered". Many have suggested that it was dropped too heavily to encourage players to spend money and earn it, only to be nerfed in a future update.

    One said, "They always make OP battle pass weapons, so people rush to level up, spending a lot of time and money, immediately before getting nerfed a week later."

    Another commented: “When are you going to understand it's a lite pay-to-win scheme? A shameless one, yes.”

    Currently, the Whitley LMG can take two shots at opponents quite regularly, as well as having a huge magazine. They combine for an absolute giant weapon, and players want it nerfed ASAP.

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