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    Vandal do Valorant Rifle: Complete Guide

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    Riot Games will be officially stepping into the first-person shooter genre when Valorant hits the market later this year. This title is a character-based tactical FPS game where two teams of five compete to eliminate each other and be crowned victorious. Within the game, in addition to choosing his character, the player will also have a variety of weapons to buy in order to defeat his opponents. In this topic we are going to talk about all the rifles present in Valorant. Currently, the game has four different rifles, one of them being the Vandal.

    Rifle Vandal

    The Vandal, alongside the Phantom, is Valorant's most expensive assault rifle, both costing 2900 credits each. When a player buys Vandal, he expects it to bring him the results of his investment. Don't rush to buy it if you don't have the money to buy the skills and shield along with it.

    Vandal is extremely powerful. A single headshot is enough to guarantee the death of any target, regardless of how far you are from it. Body shots do less damage, however, just four body shots are enough to take down an enemy. A disadvantage of the Vandal is its rate of fire, which is lower than that of the Phantom.

    Below, you can see a table with Vandal information made available by Riot Games.

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    The fact that Vandal doesn't lose its damage at any distance is a big plus. You don't need to get unnecessarily close to the enemy to make sure your bullets do enough damage, so you can play more safely.

    Unfortunately, the Vandal's shooting power is offset by a large recoil, which is slightly higher than the Phantom's. The Vandal starts to crawl upwards after the first few bullets, until it reaches the highest point. After reaching the highest point, the left-to-right swing kicks in, making the weapon very imprecise and difficult to control. There is no set rhythm for the swing. Because of this, sometimes the Vandal will jump back after a bullet, while other times it will fire multiple bullets before turning back in the opposite direction.

    In close range situations this is not a big problem. Vandal is accurate enough, recoil is not too high. As long as you have good aim and your reaction time is short, you will likely win the fight against your opponent. It is not recommended to try to fight enemies at long range by pressing the fire button. Instead, use Vandal for some quick bullets, let the aim reset and tap again. That way, you're much more likely to land a deadly headshot.

    Fortunately for mid-range and long-range situations, Vandal offers a zoom function. When the player switches to ADS mode, the viewfinder provides a 1,25x zoom and reduces recoil. It's not much, but the two factors combined help a lot when you're fighting a distant enemy.

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