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    Valuing on the console?

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    First Valorant-Mobile, now this!? THE Riot Games has proven to be legendary lately, so it's no surprise that rumors and updates have spread like wildfire for a Valuing console! Let's take a look at everything we know about the possible arrival of the Valuing to the console!

    There are a lot of console gamers who are passionate about FPS, so the Riot Games thought, what if we get a piece of the cake?

    Riot is likely planning a console release of Valorant! So without further ado, let's take a look at the new updates and rumors and see if we get a Valorant PS4 release!

    Will Valorant be released on console?

    By speculation, we knew that a Valorant console launch would come, but we never had a clear answer. Now we know we will definitely have one! Although we don't have a real answer on whether it will be Valorant for Xbox or PS4.

    What are the rumors about? Riot Games has released 2 job vacancies to  Trade Program Senior for Valorant . The interesting part is that job advertisements are specified for console game designers ! And Riot Games doesn't do it for fun. 

    Seeing how many FPS games have been successful on consoles, if Valorant is handled properly by the developers, the console launch will be a success!

    Riot is now hiring for a VALORANT Console Position. | #VALORANT

    So I guess they are exploring VALORANT for Consoles. đź‘Ť

    - Valorleaks | Leaks & Info (@ValorLeaks) February 13, 2022

    Riot Games has a plan to expand its brand and business across all platforms. The adaptation of League of Legends Wild Rift it was his first experience and it proved to be successful. This provided the League of Legends experience for people who couldn't afford PCs. 

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    So this might be what we're seeing with Valorant, but not with a huge time span, since all the resources are here. 

    There Rumors of a Valorant Mobile Release too, so a console release of Valorant isn't a huge effort. But when can we expect the launch of the Valorant console?

    When will Valorant be released on consoles?

    The Valorant console launch may be just around the corner, but when? Well, we still don't have the exact answer to that. We can only conclude that a console launch is in the pipeline, but Riot Games hasn't officially released anything for that. So… not anytime soon, it will probably take some years . Riot Games is famous for delivering spectacular games, and that can take long periods of time.

    © Riot Games

    Wild rift It took 10 years to make after the initial release of League of Legends, but remember that in 2009, smartphones were still gaining in popularity. 

    Now, we are in more modern times with new technologies allowing for faster development and production. This essentially means that if we're getting a console release Valuing, it won't take centuries! 

    As a a Riot Games Is doing multiple projects at the same time , as with Valorant Mobile right now, it could be a long time before we see some official Valorant console launch updates!

    So what does this mean for us Valorant players? Well, we can only conclude that a console release of Valorant is on the way. planning and creation phase , but nothing has been officially released by Riot Games. And since Riot Games doesn't just focus on one project, it's take a while until we see an official update!

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