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The best Valorant knife skins a player can ask for!

Valorant knife skins have been the pinnacle of the game. They represent status, freshness, and most importantly, style! Some can be pricey, but Riot Games doles out a knife skin with every battle pass, making it a little easier for those like us who don't have hundreds of dollars for skins. 

With various knife skins showing different amazing animations, let's take a look at the best Valorant melee knife skins!

  • Velocity Karambit

    The Velocity Karambit knife was introduced to us in Episode 4, Act 1. Karambit knives hold a special place in everyone's hearts because of their amazing design and animation. The Velocity Karambit knife can be obtained through the Episode 4 Act 1 Battle Pass , which can be purchased by 1000 VP . | ¬© Riot Games
  • Prime 2.0 Karambit
    Speaking of Karambit knives, we have to mention the Prime 2.0 Karambit knife. This skin has gained a kind of legendary status among Valorant players, mainly because it's from the Prime 2.0 collection. The Karambit Prime 2.0 Knife can be obtained buying- a in the store's daily offers by 3550 VP . | ¬© Riot Games
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  • Reaver Melee Knife
    Reaver skin collection is one of the most, if not the most popular collection of skins in Valorant! That's why the Reaver knife is loved and sought after by many players. Melee animations show the essence of what a melee skin should look like in the game. The Reaver melee knife can be obtained buying- a in the store's daily offers by 3550 VP . | ¬© Riot Games
  • Glitchpop Axe
    Glitchpop skin collection is a classic collection that gave players a retro punk feel to the gameplay. When an expansion was made for this skin collection, everyone was surprised. While the collection gave us the Glitchpop dagger, the expansion included the Glitchpop ax in Episode 2, which proved to be a much better variant. The Glitchpop ax can be obtained buying- o in the store's daily offers by 4350 VP . | ¬© Riot Games
  • Yoru‚Äôs Stylish Butterfly Comb
    Yoru's Stylish Butterfly comb has changed to a different style for melee skins with the VALORANT Go! vol. 2 Collection. This turn was successful, with players going crazy about it! As it is a butterfly-type melee, it gave enough style to be loved by everyone. Yoru's Elegant Butterfly Comb can be obtained buying- o in the store's daily offers by 3550 VP . | ¬© Riot Games
  • Origin Melee
    When the Origin skin collection hit the market, some players weren't happy with it. Over time, this collection began to be recognized as good. What stood out the most from this collection, however, was the Origin melee. The animations, the grip, the new futuristic sense for a knife, it has it all! Origin melee can be obtained buying- o in the store's daily offers by 3550 VP . | ¬© Riot Games
  • Blade of the Ruined King
    As part of the marketing carried out for the launch of Ruined King , Riot Games introduced us to the Ruination skin collection. The individual weapon skins were great, but what stood out the most was the Blade of the Ruined King. In itself, this sword is average. But combined with the updates and animations, oh boy, does it stand out on the list of best melee skins ever! The Ruined King's Blade can be obtained buying- a in the store's daily offers by 4350 VP . | ¬© Riot Games
  • Sovereign Sword
    Last but not least should be the Sovereign sword. The Sovereign skin collection is one of the best collections on the market, so it's no wonder the Sovereign sword has proven its excellence. Like Blade of the Ruined King, what makes the Sovereign sword special is its animations. The Sovereign Sword can be obtained by purchasing it from the store's daily deals for 3550 VP. | © Riot Game
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