Valorant's Elite Operator Rifle: Complete Guide

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Riot Games will be officially stepping into the first-person shooter genre when Valorant hits the market later this year. This title is a character-based tactical FPS game where two teams of five compete to eliminate each other and be crowned victorious. Within the game, in addition to choosing his character, the player will also have a variety of weapons to buy in order to defeat his opponents. In this topic, we are going to talk about all the elite rifles present in Valorant. Currently, the game has two different elite rifles, one of them being the Operator.

Elite Rifle Operator

The Operator is by far the most expensive weapon in Valorant, costing 4500 credits. This isn't a weapon you can buy whenever you want, so it's important for the player to know how to use it. If the rest of your team is dead and you're left alone against multiple enemies, it's worth considering avoiding enemies and losing the round in order to save the weapon for the next round. If you intend to play with Operator, and one of the already dead players carried one, try picking him up to save money for the next round.

The Operator is an extremely high damage weapon. Even if you hit the enemy in the head, but through a wall, which reduces the damage, it will kill the opponent. A direct shot to the opponent's body will also knock them down, no matter how far away they are.

Below, you can see a table with the Marshal information provided by Riot Games itself.

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To compensate for its massive damage, the Operator has an extremely low rate of fire, only 0,75 rounds per second. It takes you more than a second to be able to fire again. The Operator has 5 bullets in its cartridge, which means you can take out the entire enemy team without even having to reload your weapon.

Unlike the Marshal, the Operator has very poor accuracy when not in its magnified aim mode. In its zoomed-in mode, the weapon has two zoom functions: right-click once for 2,5x zoom, and right-click again for 5x zoom, which can be used for extremely long distances.

Even if you're being ambushed at close range, it's best to use your crosshairs to try and hit your target or simply switch to your weapon for the pistol. This will take some practice since the target moves relatively fast, but it's definitely worth it. The Operator's imprecision without its amplified crosshairs, combined with its low rate of fire, makes it a horrible weapon for fast-paced and melee combat.

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