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    Valorant Patch 2.09 – Tier List Two Agents

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    Valorant patch 2.09 was released on Tuesday, and as we know, with each game update, the way agents play and work with each other changes, even if only slightly. There were only a few minor changes to Operators, but still, it's worth examining where each Operator ranks in our tier list.

    Below is our tier list:

    Tier S - Sleep, Jett, Sage, Killjoy, Raze

    Source: Valorant Spain official Facebook

    There isn't much change at the top. The particular order of these five agents can be changed depending on your preference and playstyle, but without a doubt, these are the top five agents currently in Valorant. That may change in future patches, of course, so it's better to like being on top now.

    Tier A – Cypher, Astra, Reyna, Viper, Omen

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    Source: Valorant Spain official Facebook

    A Tier has more action when it comes to game changes. Even with Viper's smoke being nerfed, it remains viable. The damage nerf to her smoke isn't so great as to take her to tier B, but now players can think twice before choosing her, especially if they're solo queue. Cypher is still the best at gathering information for his team, and if players can overcome Astra's learning curve, she's also a great choice.

    Tier B – Brimstone, Phoenix, Skye, Breach, Yoru

    Source: Valorant Spain official Facebook

    While not as effective or resourceful as their higher-level counterparts, Tier B agents are certainly not bad options. Valorant's game balance has been excellent in the last few patches, so unlike other games there really isn't a huge dip in terms of agents. Again, preference plays a big role in being effective with an agent, so even though they might not be statistically powerful or good like tier S or A agents, agents in that tier definitely can't be considered weak or useless.

    That was our Valorant patch 2.09 tier list. Think an agent is in the wrong tier? Let us know, comment below. Take care and until next time!

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