Valorant Maps: Callouts, Cheats, and More

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Everything you need to know about the five maps of Valuing.

Since its launch in June 2020, Valorant has captivated audiences across the globe. With a competitive mode, challenging agents and an immersive map design, Valorant has quickly established itself as one of the best competitive FPS games of the moment.

Part of this success is due to the effort that the Riot Games puts in game content. You Valuable maps , for example, are extremely well designed, allowing balance and creativity to come into play. At the moment Valuing has only five maps available for competitive, unranked play, but each has its own gimmick, like teleports, that keep players on their toes in each game.

If you're looking to learn more about Valorant maps, we've got you covered. in this guide, we will explain each map one by one and talk about its layout, callouts and tricks. We'll even tell you the location of the final orbs and the best way to approach certain locations. Without further ado, here's everything you need to know about Valorant maps.


Valorant currently has six maps, all with different layouts, tracks and cheats. While some may be more balanced than others, these five different maps present different issues for attackers and defenders to consider when playing.

To understand more, here is our full review of Valorant maps, complete with explanatory maps.


if you know the St. Mark's Square em Veneza, Italy, then Ascent will look familiar to you. The map, which was the first to be added to the game, features a rustic setting with lush green spaces scattered throughout the map. While it may seem peaceful, gaining control of this two-location map in the first few rounds can be quite tricky, particularly in part because of the large open space in the center of the map.

You'll need to work as a team to win in Ascent, largely due to the defined routes of entry into the location and the long, narrow angles typically maintained by wielding agents. Operators.

On defense, smoke and walls are essential for slowing down invaders, especially since retaking locations is a nightmare in Ascent. Force attackers to use your utilities and your jobs will be easier.

Ascent has two spheres, one in Major A and one in Major B.


The map coordinates the Split location in Sibuya, Japan, which is reflected in the neon color palette and the mix of futuristic and traditional architecture between the bomb locations. It's a dense map with multiple levels to keep you on your toes whether you're attacking or defending.

Mid is the key battleground in Split and controlling it is the key to success. If you get caught on the spot, whirling through the sewer, beams and vents is probably your best choice, remember to hit the turn when using the zip lines.

Split also has two spheres, one in A main and one in B main.


An arctic setting inspired by Bennett Island, Russia, Icebox is one of the narrowest maps in Valorant with many tight corridors and very little open space. However, the Icebox makes up for all of this in verticality, making lift angles at varying heights the key to success in both offense and defense.

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This verticality also comes into play in the two locations on the map, which are two layers. This means that you have the option of planting the spike in low and high ground, depending on your reading of the situation.

As such, Icebox is the perfect map for versatile agents like Raze, Jett, and Omen, who are able to get around the map with relative ease. This can work for both sides, so be wary of opponents lurking in dark corners during a retake.

You can find the two Icebox orbs near location A in front of nest A and outside Garage B.


Bind is a fan favorite and probably because it's Valorant's answer to CS:GO's Dust 2. Set in Morocco, Bind is one of the most balanced maps in the game. With four lanes (two leading to each location) and two teleporters that make noise when they are used, players can play it cool on the spot but spin at record speed.

The tight angles of some lanes, plus the ability to fall behind inside teleporters don't give either team an advantage. However, combine this with the right agents, like Omen, and you've got a fluid team that can run at an advantage.

Bind's orbs are located at the back of baths A and on top of B long.


Inspired by the small landlocked nation of Butan, Port is situated inside a monastery. While it is one of the more colorful and peaceful maps to explore, Haven is unique to Valorant as it contains three bomb locations instead of two. This adds an additional layer of defense as you spread out your resources to try and cover the entire map.

On defense, you will be strained in trying to figure out the best way to defend sites, which will immediately put you at a disadvantage against attackers. However, since the map is so large, rotations, both on offense and defense, can take a while, so communication and fast rotations are essential to winning in Haven.

On other maps, taking control of the middle is very important, but in Haven, B is the battleground where you'll want to plant your flag. If you control B, both on offense and defense, you can control the middle point and pick players as they come from one side.

Haven's orbs can be found in A long and C.


Breeze is Valorant's newest map, but don't be fooled by the breezy atmosphere of the Caribbean, it's a battleground for agents who enjoy long-range fights.

This map has large open spaces that will keep attackers and defenders on their toes. In defense, communication is key, as sites are much more open. Whether you're sitting on the spot or looking from afar through an Operator's scope, danger is always lurking around the next corner.

Both sites on Breeze have multiple entry points, which means attacking and retaking sites is more complicated than before. Fast agents who can fight their enemies are well positioned to fight in Breeze, but they'll need the support of a healer to keep them in the game.

As a gimmick, the Breeze has an opening that allows you to turn from A-aisle to the Central Pillar, but be warned: this takes you to the middle and there's no way to get back up.

You can find the orbs in Breeze in A Shop and B main.

That's all we've got for you on the Valorant maps so far, so hopefully learning about its unique design will help you climb the ladder. valorant ranking . We also have guides on Valorant skins , sights of Valorant and more if you're looking to improve your game, so be sure to check these out.

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