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    Valorant is giving a consolation prize to players who missed the Closed Beta

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    For those who so far haven't had a chance to play Valorant's closed beta, developer Riot Games is giving them a small consolation prize when the game launches in summer 2020. While it's not much, it's still a gesture of good faith in a community that is very large.

    Some players have managed to get access to Valorant's closed beta, but many others have had real difficulties getting their hands on since the beta opened a month ago. While this overlooked group likely tested their sniper and FPS skills in similar games (Counter Strike, Apex) to put up with the wait for access, Riot did a pretty commendable job overseeing the Valorant beta, managing to keep cheaters to a minimum ( common cheating habits, of course).

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    Looking to earn and build trust with its future players, Riot took to the official Valorant Twitter account to thank players for playing and watching the closed beta with an "exclusive gamer card for those who've watched the streams long enough" to get involved. qualify for the closed beta. They promise that "even if you don't log in", the player card will still be found attached to the account at launch. The player card itself features concept art of the hero Brimstone saluting, with “closed beta” crossed out and roman numerals for 2020 in the upper left corner. "

    As thanks for all your interest in the VALORANT closed beta and hanging out with the @Twitch community, we have a small gift: an exclusive player card for anyone who's watched enough streams to be eligible for CB. Even if you don't get in, this'll be in your account at launch.

    - VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) May 4, 2020

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