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Source: Riot Games

The players of Valuing can claim a Duality Player Card for free, although there are issues that are preventing some fans from doing this.

A new cinematic was revealed during the recent  Valuing Champions Tour Masters Reykjavik, and a code for a free and exclusive Player Card was released along with it. 

However, this code will not always be functional, and players only have 48 hours to redeem it and redeem their Duality Player Card. That means there really is a bit of urgency to using the code, and this guide is here to guide Valorant fans through the process.

To note, there are issues that are preventing players from Valuing  to redeem the Player Card code duality at the time of writing. 

Source: Valuing

More specifically, the website where the code must be entered is not loading for everyone, and many fans are currently getting 503 and 504 errors when they try to access it. 

While this can be a little frustrating considering the urgent nature of claiming this special Player Card, there is a workaround that appears to be solving the problem for some players.

To try this workaround, fans should try navigating to, where they are likely to encounter an error. 

When this error appears, players should try to reload the site a few times and simply leave the page open in their browsers. After a certain amount of time, which seems to vary from 10 minutes to several hours, the site should load, giving fans of the hero shooter the chance to redeem the code for the Duality Player Card.

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Regarding the process that must be followed after the site is finally accessed, the first step is to login.

Players will be directed to a page that instructs them to enter a code and must enter YTILAUD in the empty box they find. Fans must click “Submit” and the cosmetic Valuing  should now appear in their accounts even if they encounter another error. For clarity, here is a summary of the entire process of redeeming a code:

  • Visit
  • Follow us
  • Enter the following code: YTILAUD
  • Click “Send”

A final point to mention is that it is possible to redeem certain codes through the customer Valuing  , although this is not an option with the code Duality Player Card

In fact, it appears that fans wanting the cosmetic should go through the official website, and the increased traffic could be responsible for the problems being encountered. 

Hopefully these issues will be resolved more officially soon, and maybe the developer Riot Games even allow the code to be redeemed for longer than was initially stated.

Image credits: Riot Games

Valorant already  is available for PC.

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