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    Valorant: Cost of Weapons, Abilities and Shields

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    Valorant players will have a wide variety of weapons, abilities, and shields they can use to help their team secure victory. However, these items will cost different prices, which means players will have to be smart about their money if they want to use them when they need it most. Fortunately, we have a list below to help you (we leave the names of the weapons in English because we are not sure how they will be translated into the game in Portuguese).

    Valorant Weapon Prices

    You can find the cost of all FPS weapons below:

    High-pressure guns

    • Classic: Starting Weapon
    • Shorty – 200
    • Frenzy – 400
    • Ghost – 500
    • Sheriff – 800

    Submachine Gun – SMGs

    • Stinger – 1,000
    • Spectre – 1,600


    • Bulldog – 2,100
    • Guardian – 2,700
    • Phantom – 2,900
    • Vandal – 2,900


    • Bucky – 900
    • Judge – 1,500
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    Elite Rifles (Sniper)

    • Marshal – 1,100
    • Operator – 4,500


    • Ares – 1,700
    • Odin – 3,200

    Valorant Skill Prices

    Each character has four skills where two are possible to buy (100 one and 200 the other) one will be a signature where every round you will have and your final skill which is bought for seven points (it has not yet been revealed how they get these points) totaling all the skills to obtain.

    Valorant Shield Prices

    There are two types of shields in the game, light ones that cost 400 points to buy, while heavy shields cost 1.000 points to equip them at the start of the round. 

    Teams that can budget their economy well and are able to pay the prices for the items they need at any given time, will guarantee many wins over teams that don't have control of these costs affecting the chances of victory.

    What do you think of the prices of weapons, skills and shields in Valorant? Are you looking forward to the game? Let us know by commenting below:

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