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    Valorant Bulldog Rifle: Complete Guide

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    Riot Games will be officially stepping into the first-person shooter genre when Valorant hits the market later this year. This title is a character-based tactical FPS game where two teams of five compete to eliminate each other and be crowned victorious. Within the game, in addition to choosing his character, the player will also have a variety of weapons to buy in order to defeat his opponents. In this topic we are going to talk about all the rifles present in Valorant. Currently, the game has four different rifles, one of them being the Bulldog.

    Rifle Bulldog

    The Bulldog is the cheapest rifle in the game, but that doesn't mean you can easily buy it whenever you want. Bulldog costs a total of 2100 credits, which is worth a significant part of your budget most of the time. The Bulldog is always in the middle when the player is choosing which weapon to buy. It's a little pricey for when your team is saving up credits, but when you have a lot of money to spend, you'll often prefer to buy one of the more expensive rifles. That said, if you're looking to combine buying agent skills and a shield, but still don't want to go all-in with your money, Bulldog is a good option.

    If you're buying the Bulldog as an upgrade to your SMG used in the previous round, you're in for a happy surprise: the weapon does much more damage. Three body shots or a headshot is enough to take down an opponent without a shield. The frequency of shots is lower than that of the SMGs present in the game. The Bulldog fires at a rate of 9,15 bullets per second. In total, the Bulldog's cartridge contains 24 bullets.

    Below, you can see a table with the Bulldog information provided by Riot Games.

    Reproduction: Facebook Valorant Spain official Riot Games
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    As can be seen from the table, your bullets do not lose damage over long distances. A shot that hits your target on the other side of the map will deal the same damage as a shot that hits an opponent at close range. Very important when your teammates let you know how much damage an enemy has already taken, as you can deliver final blows from a safe distance.

    One disadvantage of the Bulldog is its recoil, which is quite significant. After firing three shots, the weapon starts to drag up quickly. After a few moments, the upward drag stops, but is replaced by a left-to-right swing. This in particular is very difficult to control as the response time is inconsistent.

    The best way to try to control recoil early on is by dragging the mouse down, bucking the weapon's tendency. When you start swinging, you'll have to think quickly. Once you notice that the Bulldog is changing course, you must counter the movement. However, this takes a lot of practice.

    Fortunately, for those who aren't too keen on controlling recoil, Valorant offers an alternate firing mode for the Bulldog. When you toggle it, with a click of the right mouse button, you will be in ADS mode. In addition to offering a 1,5x zoom, the shutter rate is also different. Instead of shooting 'nonstop' his bullets, the Bulldog fires three bullets in a small burst.

    The Bulldog is much more accurate when you are using alternate fire mode. It is an excellent choice for long-range battles. However, it does suffer a bit of recoil, so it's best to let the crosshair reset completely before firing the next round of bullets.

    What did you think of this weapon? Let us know, comment below.

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