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To survive in Valheim, players will need to build stronger tools than basic ones, and they can do this by switching to copper tools.

In Valheim, survival is all about good materials and tools. While basic tools like the pickaxe, ax or wooden sword of Valheim will keep players going, they will need metal tools to succeed. Copper tools are a step up from the wooden and stone tools that players will be able to make early on.

Similar to finding and smelting iron bars in Valheim, players can also use copper ore to make pure copper bars, which can then be used to make weapons and tools. They will need a casting first, but they are quite simple to make. Using a workbench, players need to combine 20 Stone cores and 5 Surtling cores. The smelter will need to be placed close to the workbench.

Once the smelter is complete, Valheim players will need to fill it with coal to heat it up and prepare it for smelting bars. Coal is dropped by Surtlings, found in random chests and on altars, and can also be crafted. Players can place firewood in a charcoal oven or cook raw meat at a cooking station to make charcoal.

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Once players are ready with their smelter, they can put copper ore in it to get pure copper. Copper ore can be mined in nature. It is usually found in the Black Forest biome and looks like a big rock made of something green and kind of reflective, as illustrated below. With the tweaks to damage scaling in the first Valheim patch, the Black Forest should be safe enough to explore once players get a good grip on the game.

Uses for Copper

Copper has many uses in Valheim. First, players can make a copper knife, which is a great weapon for speed. While it doesn't have the reach of the iron longsword or bronze sword, it cuts fast and deep when in very close melee range. The knife is made of 2 wooden bars and 8 copper bars.

Other uses of copper in Valheim's Viking-themed survival setting are:

  • Craft a Forge, needed to make most metal weapons, including the copper knife. To make a Forge, players need 4 stones, 4 coals, 10 wood and 6 copper bars smelted in the smelter.
  • 2 Coppers and 1 tin can be combined to make bronze. Bronze is a very strong material in Valheim and can be used to craft the bronze sword, helmet, knife, and horned bronze helmet.
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