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    Valheim Skyrim Mod adds spells

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    A newly released mod adds a powerful Skyrim-like magic spell and rune system to the incredibly popular survival RPG Viking Valheim.

    Valheim managed to maintain its popularity after its meteoric rise when it launched on Steam Early Access last February. To do this, Valheim was supported by updates from the developer, Iron Gate AB, as well as having a large community that makes various mods and content.

    Valheim is a Viking-themed survival RPG that challenges players to survive in the titular realm while upgrading their characters to hunt and kill mythical creatures that roam the realm. While surviving and exploring, players can level up various skills for their preferred weapon types, run, sneak, and a few others.

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    April 1th 2022

    In a new mod titled Skyheim, Nexus Mods user makzimus added The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim's magic system to Valheim. The mod adds a new system whereby players can use the materials they obtain to kill the various bosses in the game to craft different runes that can be used to cast spells. There is an impressive array of spells included that have a variety of uses such as healing, teleporting, attacking, or lighting an area. The mod also allows players to level up the runes and spells they craft, improving the system even further and making it much more rewarding for dedicated players.

    The spells in the mod come with some amazing animations and effects too, so much so that they feel right at home in Valheim. In the video above from YouTuber Howdoudoaspace, they provide a very detailed look at not only how the runes and upgrade system work, but also the different spells included and the specific effects of each. Each spell feels very useful, and the mod seems to be a great addition to the vanilla Valheim experience. The mod also seeks to keep progression balanced and encourage players to fight bosses and complete dungeons multiple times to gather the necessary resources.

    Skyheim appears to be a great addition to Valheim that can help keep the experience fresh for players as they await the official content releases planned by the developers. Members of the Valheim community have been busy creating some truly amazing things, and Skyheim joins a solid stable of great and varied mods that players can try out. The mod is now available on Nexus Mods for all interested fans, and Valheim will certainly continue to receive great new mods from the community that will continue to make a great game even better.

    Valheim  is available now on PC through Steam Early Access.

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